The Quick and the Dead or Tales of a Barn Enthusiast

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largetrapsOh come on, guess, which was I? The quick or the dead?  HAHAHAHA! Yeah, Cat was quite taken with her garrison barn but I think one of us dropped the ball on researching it COMPLETELY.

Enables the production of Sumptuous Furs, Burnished Leathers, crafting reagents for Cooking, and Savage Bloods through Work Orders.

OH! OH! Savage Blood, we’re going to need lots of those, let’s get that barn to level three quick! What? Oh sure, we’re hemorrhaging gold but this is important, savage bloods! Okay, okay Cat. It’s done, where do we trap these savage blood producing beasts anyway.

Nagrand I think, we have to capture something called a Direfang Alpha first. Let’s go!

WTF! What just happened here. Cat, that thing had you for breakfast, this isn’t going to work.

Cat doesn’t worry much about her gear, it’ll come eventually but in this case she was adamant. She wanted to trap NOW. At the time her gear was around iLevel 600 so I bought her a ridiculously priced world drop to give her a fighting chance. It cost a fortune but she’s happy now, she’s sitting in front of the barn waiting for those savage bloods to start rolling out.

Sitting there she remembered the Glass of Warm Milk. HEY! We forgot to look for the glass of milk in the barn. I’ll get a cute little cow pet! Remember?

How did I forget that, okay Cat, is it on the first floor anywhere? No … oh. Jumping … not my best thing … jumping.

Okay, let’s prepare. I’ll get our banker to buy you some Goblin Glider Kits cause I think I remember reading you need those. I’ll go watch some videos, but … jumping … I don’t know.

leapWTF! Okay … sorry, but really WTF! There must be some method of jumping that I’m not privy to. The very nice man in the video above and Cat used the same starting point and Cat smacked into the barrels or whatever and ricocheted off and his character leaped up almost on the roof in one go? What the … if you know how you do that let me know.

It became obvious that without those leet jumping skills we weren’t getting up that way. Then we found this video and it worked … with some adjustments.

catinabarnCat had to jump up using that little well house on the other side and she could only manage it by approaching from inside the barn. Hey, whatever works Cat. So thank you Heartsnhugs. Our sanity was slipping away, you saved us.

catcowItty-bitty little cow, totally worth it. Yep, we like our barn and we loooooove the Garrison Salvage Yard, all those little packages to open! Best thing ever! Some buildings we won’t even mention *cough* lumber mill *cough*

Okay, got to get going, I think some missions have ended. Must check for boxes to open!


Welp … The Warlords Killed My Ancient Tome

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miningcartI don’t know if this will pass but it seems every free moment I have MUST be spent in my garrison. I thought … okay … I’ll post on maintenance day. But then we had a rolling restart so yeah … no.

I mean, look at Cim the Warlock there, she’s obsessing about her mine and not the ore really, it’s the mining carts she loves. All those little goodies. She’s even taken up Archaeology to see if she can level it on the archaeology fragments from the cart.

Primal Spirits, Miner’s Coffee and Picks, all from the carts in a level 2 mine.

puddletAnd then we have Cat. Cat would not rest until she could have a level 3 Menagerie, because those Big Bag of Pet Supplies from the the daily might, just might contain a pet!

When an easy fight came around for the daily she made me stand there with her and fight The Beakinator about 4o some times in a row to get to the 150 fights won for Draenic Pet Battler. Finally! The level 3 Menagerie was hers!

I’m so glad she got a Puddle Terror from her first bag so she’d calm down and let everyone get back to their business.

Those characters that have one love the Trading Post but were baffled by the level 3 requirement, get three reps to exalted for Savage Friends. But … but … that’s what I want the level 3 trading post for, for the 20% increase in rep gain so that I can get the three exalted reps … easier.

Cat and Cim were thrilled to hear that’s now been changed to one exalted rep … whew.

So yup, they’re not talking to me much, too busy micromanaging their garrisons. I don’t think any of them have even started treasure hunting yet. When one of them asks I think I’ll get them HandyNotes.

So we’re having a great time here with the Warlords. We’ll write when we get work or the servers are down, whichever comes first.




Let’s Get to the Bottom of This or Near Naked in Nagrand

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levelinglookOkay, this picture has nothing to do with the whole bottom thing. It’s a “leveling” screen shot I took of Cat. It’s kind of like those naked baby pictures you take and hold on to so you can use them to threaten your teenager. Hey, mom’s got to have fun too and in all fairness I think I only actually showed it once.

Anyway, what is up with the Orcs in Nagrand … perverts. Is it just me? Is it my addons? Cim is out there taking names and kicking ass and then BAM … she’s standing there in her underwear, what kind of cheap tactics are those.

I’ve tried to get a screen shot but I’m usually too shocked as I stare at her butt. I’ve only noticed it fighting Orcs. They’re using some kind of Death by Embarrassment spell. That’s low, Iron Horde, really.

I realized something today. I’ve become a casual, a casual blogger. Gone are the days of posting daily. What was that about anyway, I wonder what I was saying. Since WoD launched I see I only post when the servers are down for maintenance. I guess that’s a win for WoD, that I’d rather play it then talk about it.

And oh, what is up with that Kaylie Macdonald? So okay, maybe I do obsessively check to see if I can make more cloth but dammit, I’m the Commander. If I want to check I should be able to, she’s never there. I’m going to hide and watch her. Where’s she going? She have some kind of black market thing going with my cloth? I’ll get to the BOTTOM of this!

She really ought to watch her step, Cim’s already in a snit about the three crafted items limit so her mood is … volatile … between that and the whole underwear thing.

cymrebCat FINALLY managed to get to a Cymre visiting level. It was lovely, Cym’s so polite too, she offered Cat bandages if she needed them. Aw … she’s not at all like some of those arrogant Pandaren tamers.

I know I wanted everything to be a surprise but I’m thinking that may have been a mistake. Cim is trying desperately to get to iLevel 615. Imraith told her about mission gear rewards. Oh! Maybe Cim will get one and she did!

Those shoulders might do it! It’s not a 100% mission though, she decided to first level up some of her followers thinking the mission would be there until she got around to it … not. Next day it was gone. Next time one of those suckers comes along Cim’s sending them out even if it’s a 35% death march, at least it’s a chance.

upantsSo that’s been our week, just thought I should warn you that if you plan on killing Orcs in Nagrand you should make sure you’re wearing suitable underwear. Something that will strike fear in their hearts, something  that will make those Orcs rue the day they decided to use the Death by EmBARRASSment spell!

Okay … I’ll stop … sorry. I don’t want to be the BUTT of any jokes … I don’t

Servers, come on. Save me from myself.

Mistakes, Mothra, Asshatometers and Stuff

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primaltraderYeah, I’m not sure recruiting this Blook guy was such a good idea. Cim was trying to find her Alliance Primal Trader, Ashley Zerep as soon as she got her garrison to level 3. Couldn’t find her anywhere. It turns out that because Blook is a stalker he’d been obscuring her. He follows her everywhere, it’s kind of creepy. Need to find him something to do, he’s got too much time on his hands.

And I’m thankful JD was online to save me from myself. I had bought the plans to upgrade my stable to level 2 and it wasn’t working, dammit, what’s going on, always with the problems. It’s in my bag … what? Ooooohhhhh … no, I didn’t learn it. Thank you JD.

And then making the mistakes that I learned NOT to make ages ago. I know not to make them.  I know, KNOW not to buy stuff while leveling but Cim was getting tired of waiting for a weapon upgrade so she bought an expensive staff which was replaced within the hour by a green quest reward, sigh.

Learn from her mistakes the rest of you! Do not bring down the Wrath of the Commander! Commander being me just so we’re clear. Yeah, all that kowtowing in the garrison may have gone to my head, just a little.

moth_3Cim’s been having a fine time with her Stables, well up until now anyway. It’s really embarrassing her but she’s stuck on the stupid giant moth, The Moth of Wrath. She’s got a logjam of mounts lined up trying to bring that GIANT, EVIL, DANGEROUS … moth to it’s knees.

Considering she’s a Warlock with demon handling capabilities saying she’s embarrassed she can’t take down a moth is an understatement.

Now I have no reason to do Proving Grounds as I don’t even do regular dungeons because of my stranger danger fears. People I know are generally out making a living the time of day I’m playing so no dungeons. I don’t need a silver to get into heroics.

bitemeBut of all the things I bitch and moan about this is the only thing Blizzard has done that REALLY pisses me off. BITE ME LIEUTENANT THORN. For example I have read comments about what’s happening in Molten Core groups.

I read about people telling the group to single target those Core Hound packs in the first cave. Basically so they can laugh their ass off when it all goes horribly wrong. They may be fine players, they may have aced gold proving grounds but they’re asshats. I can’t help but think you’ll find these same players in heroics.

I don’t like that Blizzard keeps content we’re all paying the same amount for from potentially nice players but yeah, asshats! Come on in! I don’t think they need a skill check, they need an asshatometer. I wish I had an idea, but like Blizzard, I’m stumped. I don’t know, some kind of gaming Myers-Briggs personality test?

breachYep, once more unto the breach. Cim’s at 100. Cat’s enjoying taking her time this expansion. She usually goes first in the mad pack where you can’t really enjoy anything, you’re just competing for quest mobs. She’s much happier taking her time. The ONLY thing she’s miffed about is Cim having a Menagerie first and doing all the pet battles, that might make her hurry just a little bit.

Right now all the pet battling Cat’s doing is using poor little Ashlei to level any level one pets she has. Instant level ten or eleven!

So number three. Not who I’d planned. I wanted a Horde character next but instead it’s a profession character. Lokkan the once Enhancement now Elemental Shaman for Inscription/Jewelcrafting.

To say I don’t know how to play her is an understatement but nevertheless she seems to get by. I thought going through the jungle again would be a pita but it wasn’t which is good news since there are many waiting in the wings.

That’s been my week. I’m enjoying WoD a great deal, more than I thought I would. I would like to fly but I see why we can’t. I guess if I need a hit of flight I’ll go back to the old country.

Hopefully I’ll come up for air before next maintenance day but Draenor calls to me …



Commander Pepe Hat the Easy Way

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compepeThat’s right, that’s right. I got your Commander Pepe Hat right here. Yeah, all hail the Commander. Snappy salute there Guard … Harry? John? Oh, whatever. I haven’t got all their names straight yet.

Anyway Cat really wanted a Pepe bird on her head. She would have preferred it in Cat form but you take what you can get. And she wasn’t getting anywhere. We watched videos of people leaping into the air and simultaneously clicking.

Are you kidding me, seriously? There is no way I can leap up there and spam click in the right spot. I know, cause we tried for about an hour.

So for those of you who can’t live without a Pepe hat here’s the cheaty easy way.

Go to your Key Bindings and select, Targeting. Find Interact with Target and bind it to any key you want. Then /tar Pepe, make your jump while spamming that key and voila! The Hat of the Pepe!

In a level two Alliance Garrison he’s in a tree behind the Flight Master.

There! You can’t say Cat’s not dressed in the highest fashion! Okay … you could make some comments about her time management skills but hey, Pepe’s so worth it.

Alliance Rides to Frostfire Ridge … sorta

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shamanstoneSo Cim the Warlock is really taking this garrison stable thing seriously. She had two quests given her and they both involved going to Frostfire Ridge. Hmm … must be a way. She was determined to get there one way or another.

Not being the patient sort she decided to head to Skysea Point in Gorgrond and jump off a cliff and try to ride there. I wish she hadn’t been in such a hurry and had noted the coordinates but she didn’t.

So if you jump down and ride, ride, ride … ride, ride, and ride along the steep coast of Frostfire Ridge you will eventually come upon a Shamanstone. Ride up behind it and you’re there!

frstfirefightSuccess! She completed the two quests and picked up some flight paths. She’ll have to go back and look around for the land version because I’m sure she’ll have more work to do over there.

Cim’s been very busy although her motivation is suspect. She suddenly kicked it into high gear for a while but that was only after learning she’d needed to be level 94 to get her fishing shack started. Not sure if all the frenzied activity will continue.

squiggyAnd then there’s Cat … yeah. I don’t know. She’s usually the first one to reach level cap but it doesn’t look like that’ll happen this time. She seems content to hang around the garrison looking for Pepe the garrison bird and petting Squiggy, sigh.

I guess I shouldn’t complain, maybe all those Pandaren telling her to slow down finally took. Maybe I should tell her that Cim has her very own fishing shack. Yeah, a little peer pressure might do the trick!

I’m Beginning to See What’s Going on Here

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stableoneI thought Cim the Warlock built a Stable in her Garrison for the mounts but now I’m not sure. I didn’t see the pattern at first. I would have expected it from Cat but didn’t catch on right away because it was the Warlock.

Maybe I’m just over-thinking this, maybe it’s nothing … yeah, I’m sure she did it for the mounts and the 20% mount speed increase.

Hmm … Yeah, a little suspicious isn’t it. She’s not out leveling, she’s busy chatting up the stablehands. Who knew? SO MANY unexpected dangers in Draenor.


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