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WoW Bucket List or the Dangers of Feralas

Posted in WoW Achievements with tags , , , on January 20, 2012 by Tome oftheAncient

I’ve been feeling bad about not organizing a bucket list of things to do before Mists arrives. I thought I had one but after taking screen shots of Theramore I realized that’s really all I had on my bucket list.

What to do … what to do.

I have favorite locations in Azeroth. I’m a sightseer. I like to hang around in isolated spots waiting for the NPCs to go off script cause they know nobody else is around. I just KNOW they’re going to do it, I just need to be patient. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m still hopeful. I thought I’d travel to Feralas and kind of commune with an Ancient about it, seemed appropriate. I love Feralas, I even still love Dire Maul after all the Insane grinding there. I spent some time with an Ancient at Feathermoon Stronghold in deep meditation and finally sorted things out.

My blog should really be called something like “Go Ahead, I’ll Catch Up, I’m an Expansion Behind You” because I haven’t seen most of the dungeons in Wrath, forget about Cata dungeons. I thought about getting to 50 exalted reps but just wasn’t feeling it. So I decided to try to see as many unseen dungeons as possible … before, you know … I start dying too much. And then I found this great guide for the Lunar Festival at Achievements Ahoy, so I can do Elders of the Dungeons at the same time. I had it almost finished but it was reset by Cata. So, Ta Da!

My Bucket List

See as many unseen dungeons as possible before Mists

That’s it! And I might try to pick up a few exalteds along the way.

Okay, mission accomplished. Thanks, Ancient One.

So I was there in Feralas and I thought, you know, you can’t really come here and not visit the Twin Colossals. Yeah, well nothing is ever easy is it?

The view from the top is incredible, well worth the trip. I was enjoying it, but Kalin Windflight kept pestering me about buying his parachute. Sometimes I think fishing all alone up there, all the time, is making him a little … you know, looney.

He hasn’t gotten the word yet about flying in Azeroth maybe. Anyway, I told him I didn’t need one, thanks, I’m a Druid, I can fly. I felt kind of bad. Maybe I should have just bought one. I don’t know what his financial situation is.

I jumped, and yeah. I forgot I’d rebound my flight key. Dead. I heard Kalin call down, “How’s that whole I don’t need a parachute I can fly, I’m a Druid, thing working out for you?” Now that I remember, he always was a Mr. Smarty Pants.

And things just got worse. I smacked into a ledge about half way down. I released and tried to fly up to my body in wisp form. Duh, can’t fly in wisp form here. I don’t know how long I tried to jump, hop and hop-jump up to my body, but I finally gave in and went back to the spirit healer and the whole thing cost me 34 gold. I should have bought his parachute.

Did I learn something? Yes, no more nostalgia tripping about how good everything was back in the day. Many things were great back in vanilla, but not being able to collect your corpse and having to use the spirit healer, ugh, not one of them.

And next time I visit Feralas, I’m getting Kalin back. I mean he could have thrown me a rope or something, geez.

Website Protection by Tiny, Angry, Holiday Baby

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I’m not sure this is necessary, but after the recent attack by a troll I’ve retained the services of a website protection company. They seem to be rather new but really, really, scary … I mean scarier than a troll in my opinion. And they are angry, really, really, angry. I wouldn’t mess with them.

Yesterday I had to clear the use of their imagery with the top guy and I got the go ahead so I’ll share it with you in case you want to contact them about a troll problem. I’ll put their logo up too, so trolls will know I have 24 hour protection here.

Sorry, after being semi-quiet yesterday I find I can’t stop talking. Maybe two posts today to get it out of my system.

I have to say I was astounded by the support of WoW bloggers when I had my little hissy fit the other day. I knew WoW bloggers were nice but I still got all teary-eyed from the show of support. Thank you all. You managed to shake me out of my pity party and I’m pretty sure I don’t need angry baby to protect me anymore … but they work real cheap so it can’t hurt.

In retrospect, I think Ironyca put her finger on the problem. What could I have expected? All that nude, naked teasing I did. It was bound to really enrage someone who came here looking for nudes … AND FOUND NOTHING!! Can you blame them for wanting to lash out? Thank you Ironyca, after your comment sunk in I laughed so hard imagining that scenario!

Since I wanted to be far away from the computer yesterday to avoid the temptation to post, my daughter and I went to have lunch with my Mom. It went okay … the player piano in the lobby must be broken, no show tunes. Thank all that’s holy … so I managed to survive. I really wonder if I get to the age that I’m living in a senior community will the player pianos be playing “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” or will they still be rocking show tunes?

Okay, I should stop. I’m being told it’s time to patrol the neighborhood with my neighborhood protection dogs. I’m all about protection today. And oh, angry baby, this one’s for you.

Note: No tiny, angry baby fingers were pried into that configuration … it just comes natural to some. Hang in there Mommy.

Strike Against SOPA & PIPA

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For a succinct overview of why SOPA in its current form is a bad thing, visit The Oatmeal.


To Learn More:
Watch the video

American Censorship page

View the Infographic

Read SOPA on OpenCongress

Unlicensed WoW Blog

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Yesterday I did the self-portrait above. I do this kind of stuff when I’m upset. Maybe a year or so ago I wouldn’t have been caught off-guard by a comment, but no one has ever been anything but nice here … so yeah … I was lulled into a false sense of security. We’re all friends here I thought, and then I got my feelings hurt by a comment.

My problem is, when I get a compliment I tend to think, oh, they’re just being nice. When I’m told something negative I just jump right on that bandwagon. They’re right, I’m awful, what was I thinking. I should just shut up, go out in the garden and eat worms. If negativity is directed at me I just seem to embrace it. I don’t get mad, I get depressed and accept I deserved it. After the worm-eating stage I then vent by doing self-portraits. Which is lucky, as when I’m really, really, angry I lose my words, seriously. My vocabulary shrinks to one word, you know the one, and I scream it using it as noun, verb, adjective, etc.

If you’re such a delicate little flower perhaps you should be writing in a padlocked diary instead of on the freaking internet, stupid. But that would be giving in and if nothing else I am stubborn, so no, I’m not.

I deleted the comment so fast it’s as though I thought it carried the Ebola virus but to paraphrase it said more or less, that I was unqualified to speak about WoW and should stop. Apparently, and in fairness to me I didn’t know this, you have to raid to be qualified to write about WoW. I was stunned, a lot of, probably most of the commenters here raid. They’ve never taken me aside and said … Ancient … come on now … no one wants to hear your adventures as Wolfie McLonewolf.

I dug out some other pictures I’ve done under the affect of varying amounts of self-loathing.

This one is work related and I call it “Just a Few Changes.” I don’t think it needs any explanation, I think EVERYONE has heard that one before. Yes, I did. The blood on my teeth is what was left of my employer.

The one above was after my traditional, homemade, Christmas Ginger Snap cookies failed to, I don’t know, cook. They lay flatter than pancakes. This didn’t upset me too much and I learned from it. Don’t use baking soda that’s possibly ten or twelve years old, so it was a learning experience.

This last one I did because I don’t know how much longer I can, or what I’ll have to end up doing, in the battle to try to retain even a semblance of attractiveness. This one’s so last year. I have given up. I don’t care anymore, I am free!

So anyway, I was left with a decision. What to do. Continue writing this unlicensed WoW blog and possibly risk the wrath of more players? What are my options?

Take GoDaddy up on that tomeoftheelderly domain name and blog about fighting off becoming elderly? Because really, I’m fighting that one. Elderly is going to have to drag me kicking and screaming because I’m not going willingly when my time comes. I could offer advice and health tips, like take up gaming to improve your hand-eye coordination and stuff.

Could I start a SWTOR blog? Do you think having done Black Talon twice is enough street cred? Or would I be drummed out of SWTOR blogdom too?

I’m feeling a lot better. Between the self-portrait and writing about it I feel almost back to normal. So I’ve decided to STAY HERE AND ANNOY YOU. Oh, not you, I didn’t mean you, I meant the person who commented and caused all this.

Oh, and the whole thing may have hit me harder than it would have normally because once again, WordPress and Blogger aren’t speaking so I’ve been hitting PUBLISH, over and over on blogs I read and nothing. I started to get paranoid that they had a unlicensed WoW blogger filter on their blogs. I know silly, but I did.

So my next blog post … let me see … what would be supremely annoying. I have it! It will be “A WoW Soloist’s Bucket List,” by Wolfie McLonewolf.

She likes to lay naked and be gazed upon

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on January 15, 2012 by Tome oftheAncient

This post is for my husband. My husband doesn’t play WoW, much to my regret. He doesn’t read this blog either. But sometimes he’s on the Mac doing his thing, so he’s often aware of what I’m doing over here on this computer. He heard me picking music on YouTube for a post. Asked what I was doing. I told him I sometimes add a link to a music video in a post.

Now my husband listens to a lot of music, I do too, but I’m always listening while doing something. He’s the kind of listener who puts on music, turns off the lights, places himself in the room at the exact position for optimal audio mojo or whatever, and listens while doing nothing but listening.

So anyway, he asks what music I was linking. I told him, and he said why not Hayes Carll? He’s a big Hayes Carll fan, among others. I said it just doesn’t fit with the post. He didn’t seem very happy about it. I want to make him happy so here’s Drunken Poet’s Dream with a suitable screen shot. My favorite part of the song is the “she likes to lay naked and be gazed upon” part which my Druid indeed does like to do. In cat form of course.

But now that you’re here and I’m talking about my husband, I want your opinion. When we met, my husband was very much a white, beige, black, brown, kind of guy. After we got married I know he was horrified when I painted every room with vivid colors and started hanging all the things on the walls.

He is really very tolerant. He’s grown used to all the color. But he still thinks some of the stuff I hang on walls is just wrong. I just wanted your opinion. I hung this piece of clothing in the red room because I think it’s beautiful. He thinks it borders on lunacy. Is he right?

I was going to hang slippers up too but I didn’t want to push him over the edge so it was a compromise. In the room I work in there is a dead cow head on the wall wearing a Micky Mouse hat. I mean … you know … just the skeleton, not a stuffed cow head. I mean yeah, that would be creepy. I found the skeleton at an antique store in Pennsylvania and I was afraid that people looking for antiques wouldn’t buy the poor cow skeleton head so I bought him. You can imagine how pleased my husband was when I gleefully showed him my find. Now he’s used to me.

Another bone of contention, sleigh bells. I love them. No I didn’t get them when I got my skull. These were a gift from someone who knew about my wall hanging fetish. Okay, I’ve gone pretty far afield. I’ll stop now. But what do you think. Should I not being hanging this stuff on the walls? Is it really that weird?

What? Well, he IS my KING after all. Oh come oh, like you don’t have a portrait of Thrall over the TV?

P.S. Hope Navimie doesn’t catch me using the naked trick again ;)

What’s in your WoW Backpack?

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on January 14, 2012 by Tome oftheAncient

I was reading blogs and I came across a post on Bubbles of Mischief about Pygmy Oil. I thought, hey, I think I have some somewhere in my backpack. I did! Now if you’ve been here before you know that unlike some, I find human males hot, yes hot. I went to the local Stormwind dive and found this dangerously attractive human. He’s so dangerously handsome I’m not sure he’s human, might be a Worgen, never know. I thought I’d impress him with my pygmy jive dance moves, could get a free drink out of it. Alas, he was unimpressed, geez, his loss.

Anyway, this got me to wondering what else did my Druid think was essential to have on hand in her backpack. She flew out to one of her favorite spots to rummage through her pack and well, I knew she had a hoarding problem but this is ridiculous.

Iron Boot Flask, apparently a “must have.” I’ll give her that one. Sometimes when I don’t feel much like fishing I use the Boot Flask and somehow it’s fun again. Yeah, weird.

Okay, Frenzyheart Brew. Well, yeah I can see that one too. Also great to carry along to liven up fishing, not so bad.

Absolutely no argument from me on this one. It’s always handy to be able to change into a Naga, I’d totally carry Bones of Transformation around with me too, if I had one. I’d fire that baby up when the woman in front of me takes out about a bazillion coupons and I have ice cream in my cart. Just as a service to everyone behind me. Speed up the line.

Okay, now it’s getting out of hand. Cat, why are you carrying around that trinket. I mean  you have plenty to drink on you, you don’t really need the Brightbrew Charm for a Brewfest Brew. You know how you get when you’re tipsy. Really, this is getting out of hand.

Yes, yes, Leyara’s Locket is very nice but couldn’t you, I don’t know, just take it out of the bank for special occasions? Do you really need to carry it around in your backpack? And I know what you’ve been doing with that Tiny Blue Ragdoll. I’ve seen you go to lonely, empty places and leave it there in case someone’s leveling through the area and might find it. Hello! You are not alone! Or maybe like a “Kilroy was here.”

The food tastes better if cooked over a Little Wickerman? Okay, I’ll let that one slide as I really can’t argue, I’ve never tried it. Maybe it does, maybe it’s like mesquite or something.

What! You’re a giant ogre, why do you need to carry around a Defender of the Timbermaw? Who are you afraid of, that guard? And okay, I can kinda see always having a Gordok Ogre Suit on hand. Sometimes you just feel like dancing and you’re embarrassed to do your Night Elf dance in public, I get it.

Somehow it’s much less embarrassing to dance as an ogre. Let’s try to impress Lisa McKeever with our mad dance skillz, maybe she’ll give us a free treat. Hmmm … I must have an inflated opinion of my dance skills. Nothing … no free drinks … no treats.

Back irl and I feel like a real meanie now. I told my Druid she had to put at least one thing back in the bank. Now that I’m looking at the picture I took of her, she looks so sad playing her Haunted War Drum one last time before depositing it in the bank. Well, it was that or her stack of Festival Dumplings and she wouldn’t give those up.

Oh hey! Like you don’t do it? What’s in your backpack?

SWTOR: Bounty Hunter Music and the Womp Rat Blues

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Bounty Hunter Music

Okay just humor me for a minute. There’s not much to watch in the video and it’s short, it’s all about the sound. I have at least one of each SWTOR class, although I think I might have three Smugglers, not sure how that happened. But my Bounty Hunter undoubtedly is my favorite and I’m pretty sure the sound of her missiles is why.

Poor girl is trying to save money. Her gear is whatever she finds for the most part, but she doesn’t care how long it takes to kill something, she is just getting down with that Bounty Hunter music. There is such a visceral feeling of power with that sound, I’m a literal killing machine, aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhh … oh God, somebody stop me before I kill again. What? I’m a Bounty Hunter, I don’t have to stop? Yesssss!

Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be using skills based on the sound they make but I just can’t help it!

The sound of a Bounty Hunter echoes for a fair distance. When I hear it echo through the hills, I think … Oh, my homies are near … I’m rolling with my homies … my brethren in arms, killing things with giant missiles, flamethrowers, two blasters … sigh, life is good.

I think the last sound that affected me to this extend was the THX Sound Effect. I love that thing, but this is better.

Womp Rat Blues

So last time I talked about SWTOR I think I promised I’d go out and find some information that was at least as exciting as speeders for you swtorers … swtorians? Do we have a name yet? This is proving harder than I thought. I have some info but it’s no where near as exciting as speeders are, but I’m trying okay.

I was speeding around Tatooine questing and killing things to level my bioanalysis when I noticed I had an extra … what … buff? On further investigation I found that I had contracted Womp Rat Fever and I mean it’s serious, you can die from that stuff. I was understandably nervous. Since I’m a big tough Bounty Hunter I refrained from running around screaming, “Help me! OH NO, somebody help me!”

I thought I’d better hurry and seek medical attention and found every Medical Droid I checked had the cure for sale, the Czerka VX-736 Injector. Buy that baby and you’re good to go, right as rain again.

Security Chests

Yeah I know, not as good as speeder info but in case you haven’t seen these yet, there are Security Chests that can be found almost anywhere. I’ve started checking any empty building I come across because I’ve made a few thousand credits from Security Chests in vacant buildings. I’m not going to farm for them but I do keep an eye out, free credits are a good thing.

I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got right now. Since the thrill is not gone from WoW for me, be patient, I’m working double shifts here. I need to get out there with my missiles, and AAARGH, burn baby burn … oh, sorry. I meant I need to get back to my class quest and hopefully find more new and interesting news. Yeah, that’s what I meant to say. You might want to check out Psynister’s Notebook, long a source for solid WoW information, he’s now sharing SWTOR tips with leveling guides soon to follow!

I think Joan Jett is a perfect accompaniment to the sound of missiles and blasters, don’t you?

Ode to the Ancient, Best WoW Gift Ever

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What’s this! I’m talking BEFORE the pictures? Well that’s new, but there’s a reason. Recently Navimie of The Daily Frostwolf had a blogoversary? Blogiversary? I never know which but anyway, instead of getting gifts, Navimie offered gifts to anyone who commented on her post. Are you kidding!! A Navi gift just for commenting! I of course commented and then I hoped and waited and hoped. I saw some of the other gifts for bloggers who commented before I did. I selfishly thought, oh please don’t use up your rhyming mojo before you get to me. Oh please, oh please!

I was also happy I visited her blog that day because she talked about some of her most popular posts and one of them I had missed. Horde Alphabet Book for my daughter, which I love and I hope some talented WoW artist illustrates it. So without further ado, I give you my wonderful WoW gift from the talented Navimie!

This is my best WoW gift ever. I had told Navimie that I was rhyme-challenged and I so admired people with that skill. And OMG does Ironsally love her now. Ironsally likes the spotlight and she’s been fuming that’s she’s been sitting in Stormwind not getting any attention, yes, she’s not been pleased with me lately but thanks to Navimie she got to come out and bask in her Ironman glory.

I’m sitting here alone, oh God, if the dogs hear that they’ll be furious. What I meant was I don’t see HUMANS much in the day time, but I don’t really feel alone, I have the WoW Blogger Community here with me … me and the dogs … we got company.

Nonsensical Post, Feel Free to Disregard

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Oh my … well I guess there’s no helping it now … I guess the cats out of the bag. I don’t write these posts, the Night Elf handles that. She enjoys visiting here so much I thought she might as well make herself useful. I just tell her a little about what I wanted to say and she does the rest. It leaves me free to check the cabinets downstairs to make sure that there really isn’t half a bag of potato chips left.

Today I’m all about blogs … and well, Twitter. I find them both endlessly fascinating. For example, when I was riding high on the “swtor speeder” train why did all the spammers disappear? I have fallen off the speeder train now; I guess everyone’s bought them. Will the spammers be back now? I don’t really miss the Sexy Big Booty Girls Here one, or the Mother of the Groom Wedding Speech one but there was one that I quite enjoyed.

Norwegian Carrot Cake

They took me to task for being an inferior writer, well duh, and then promised my writing would be improved if I obtained and ate some Norwegian Carrot Cake.  Googling, I found other bloggers had been chided in a similar fashion. That spammer I miss. Feel free to return with offers of cake.


At present, I’m fascinated by dated and old fashioned words and expressions. I’m trying to find a way to include scofflaw in this post. And you don’t really hear anyone chide anymore. I’m thrilled that I could work that one in. Must be a reaction to trying to read a history book my husband was sure I’d enjoy. Yeah, about as much as he’d enjoy WoW, but I’m trying.

I wish I’d had the presence of mind to take a screen shot of the next one. I finally decided to buy the domain name, tomeoftheancient in case I ever got ambitious and decided to self-host this blog. I went to GoDaddy to get my cheap domain name and I was offered a selection of similar names that they were sure I’d want to snap up.



Seriously, GoDaddy? Seriously? You’re really pushing it here, I know you’re cheap but you’re not the only domain name registrar out there you know. And you missed one, I didn’t see tomeofthedecrepit in there. I’d watch your tongue if I were you.


I’ve also been storing captchas for later use. I’ve been thinking of trying my hand at some fiction. I’m not a writer, so I’d have to have some kind distraction to keep that from being evident, right off. So what do you think? Here’s just a little bit of the beginning.

And forgive me in advance; I’ve never really gotten a handle on the whole quotes thingy. Which of course will make my job more difficult, but nevermind.

Whaza up, Busba?”

“I’m rantr because I was ampunber by a conake!”

“Well, don’t be such a sisiorri, everyone gets tripsy once in a while.”

I know, thrilling isn’t it? I’ve got you hooked now, don’t I?

Okay, now there’s Twitter. I wish someone had warned me how incredibly addictive it was. Oh wait, and note to self. Stop commenting on the iPad in the morning without your contacts in. I see I told Amerpriest that I’ve broken a lifelong addiction to coke. That’s not so bad, I mean it gives a certain risqué pizzazz to old tomeoftheelderly but I misspelled addiction making it look like I’m still strung out or something, geez. I meant Coca Cola.

Back to Twitter.

I thank you Blog Azeroth for introducing me to Twitter. I love that through you I made the leap and signed up, but don’t you think you should give a Surgeon General’s Warning or something? Now I really do have what might be a lifelong addiction. I could easily spend hours scrolling through tweets, wondering what the other half of the conversation is; making one up.

Like Buttons

I really love blogs that have “Like” buttons. They come in really handy. If I’m reading a post and want to come back and comment, there’s always a chance I’ll forget. So I “like” the post real quick in case my memory fails me. Hi! I was here! Kisses!

Like buttons are also really great for blogs that intimidate me. These are blogs that are usually very well written, popular and have been around for a long time, with a large following. I just can’t comment. It’s too scary. My first character was a Hunter, she followed Big Red Kitty religiously. The important stuff didn’t sink in I guess because the first thing that comes to mind when I remember Big Red Kitty is this:

Since we’re all friends here I have to ask, is she really singing, “pissing the night away?”

I loved that blog. Another one I’ve been reading forever is Big Bear Butt. Back in BC I was trying to become bear tank extraordinaire, so I read BBB to make sure I was doing all the things right. I still read BBB because he’s funny and funny is high on my list of good things. But I would never comment there. Too scary, but a “Like” button I could do. I’m kind of just whispering. Hi. I like you but I’m too scared to actually come right out and say it, so “Like.” Yes, I know I’m neurotic, but don’t you think that’s what makes us all interesting, huh, don’t you?

Well I think I’ve just illustrated why they have that expression, “you have to watch out for the quiet ones.” It’s not because we’re planning on climbing into a tower and opening up with an AK-47, it’s because if we ever do stop being quiet, a cacophony of ridiculous stuff circling around in our brains will spill out. Like this.

Thanks for letting me vent all this crap. I now feel ready to search for the new “swtor speeder.” There must be something else all us swtorers want to find really badly. The cantina with the best drinks? Possible. I’m on it, even if it means Norwegian Carrot Cake will never return.

Oh, wait a minute. In honor of GoDaddy deciding I should buy tomeoftheelderly, I’ll include this soundtrack for this post. (sorry Matty, stealing your really good ideas again but you know what they say, flattery and all) I give you In the Mood. A song that was popular back when I was about 44, I still like it.

My WoW Wishlist — WWRD101: Class Syllabus

Posted in My WoW Wishlist with tags , , , on January 10, 2012 by Tome oftheAncient

Yup, it’s time for another one of my harebrained schemes. The other day I once again had NPCScan go off while I was flying on a rental bird. I rarely see rares any other time. I really want Blizzard to implement an eject button but I’m sure someone’s already addressed that, so I won’t go there.

Blizzard didn’t pick up on my last raid learning tool so this time I’ll approach it differently. This time my WoW Wishlist is directed at the players, so I’m more hopeful. There would be no upfront costs to a player, unlike my wishes directed at Blizzard. You would MAKE MONEY, gold or real, your choice. Yeah, really! Are you excited? Want to hear more?

I’ll admit that some of my ideas are based on how cool I think a picture to illustrate it might be but this idea, I’m really serious about. I’ve been reading posts about how difficult it is to learn raids in an unfriendly environment, or with no direction. Whether in pugs groups or guild raids it can be difficult to learn on the job. Everyone wants you to leap into raiding with complete knowledge about every raid combined with razor sharp skills. People complain that there aren’t enough skilled raiders, but there won’t be, if they can’t learn in at least a moderately enjoyable way. This is where you come in!

Keep in mind I KNOW NOTHING about raiding. I probably never will, but it seems some enterprising and skilled raiders have a unique opportunity here to make some money. Open a raiding school, charge real money or gold. Okay, you’d have to look into the whole legality thing here. I’m not going to rain on my parade worrying about stuff like the law, but really, would that not be the greatest thing ever.

But you can’t just be a great raid leader with a lot of information to share. People skills will be involved. This has to be billed as a polite, patient, informative environment to learn in. Real constructive criticism is expected, but absolutely no MOAR DOTS! MOAR DOTS! (NSFW) Participants must respect the rules. No nerdraging allowed, no name calling, no blaming anyone for anything. Anyone doing so will be immediately suspended from school. It will go on your permanent record. No exceptions.

I know I would enroll. Gold or real money, your call. I’d sign up. Anyway, think about it and if you decide to start one, let me know. I’ll be there. Fenris, 10:00AM to 4:00PM. weekdays. Oh hell, if you wait for me I’ll even roll on your server.


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