When I Grow Up to be 100

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droplet… I will not be camping Garnia. I didn’t keep track of the number of times I killed her/him but did keep track of the days. Nine days of camping, I’d say Cim’s pretty lucky. At 8:10am this morning the final kill before the Dog Walk, it dropped. Cim was relieved and Cat ecstatic. One thing I won’t be doing in two years.

And it must be a lucky RNG day as Cat immediately started the droplet’s training and on reaching level 10 a Flawless Battle-Stone dropped. Does anyone know if lucky RNG days last a whole 24 hours? I can hope!

I’ll make a prediction and see if I’m right in two years. When all those level 100s are looking for ways to pass the time these are things they’ll still be doing.

Sasche will still be killing crabs in search of the Monstrous Spineclaw.

Cim might … just might go back to Isle of Giants to grind out those over 7,000 bones she still needs for the mount.

Cim will finally finish the achievement Zul’Again. She had the ten scouts right away as she can do those solo but I’ve given up hope on the last two Warbringers.

Nowadays she stands there spamming the zone for a group to take one down. What does this get her? It alerts the people who can take one solo and they sweep down and kill it. The nice ones just fly away, the majority do rude emotes and mock poor Cim for being a loser who can’t do it alone … lovely. Who raised these people? Is this a strictly daytime thing? Meanies play in the daytime? And there’s not even the excuse of faction as these are all my people. Sigh.

Everyone will still be visiting Stratholme for a shot at the mount. I don’t know why but some drops seem possible and this one feels improbable at best. I FEEL like the mount in The Stonecore MIGHT drop. I don’t feel like I’m ever getting that horse. I wonder if my negativity is affecting my RNG.

Cat will be STILL be visiting the Badlands and purchasing Billy Goat Blasters. She’s the only character that does it but it just never seems to get old. I don’t know, must be some kind of cat humor I’m missing.

Okay, enough with my list. It’ll be interesting to see if my predictions are right in two years. Now I’m off it see if a lucky RNG day does really last 24 hours!




A Persuasive Cat

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sasobI’m not sure how Cat does it but she’s managed to get everyone in on her quest for pets. Yeah, there were a few little issues in the beginning but they’ve mostly worked them out.

Yeah … noxious deja vu. There seemed something very familiar while in Feralas, couldn’t quite put my finger on it … yup, I see by the date I was waiting for MoP. Sasche had the same result too, no Emerald Whelpling. After a day of that she’d had enough, maybe some of these pets were meant to be bought.

Crimson and Emerald Whelplings I’m looking at you … oh yeah, and you too Gundrak Hatchling. You’re all a pain in the butt. Sasche’s had enough.

Cat now has her stationed on the Timeless Isle killing crabs in the hope to spawn a Monstrous Spineclaw. It’s the only way, it’s never on the AH. It takes her around an hour and a half to get a spawn. Ow! Ow! Ow! But she prefers it to Feralas so she’s cooperating so far.

The Death Knight is doing the Celestial Tournament every week for coins for Flawless Stones. What! Cim is helping? Unbelievable!

cimlakeCat figured beating up Garnia would be just what would appeal to the Warlock and she was right. She’s camped there and the view is spectacular so no complaints so far.

Cat is … is … I have no clue. Maybe her brew of the month arrived in the mail.

catobHopefully whatever she’s doing is in SOME way pet acquisition related.


I am much fonder of MoP than I was of Cata but the announcement that there would be an announcement is really welcome.

I like to think of this post as a time capsule I’m sending to the me in two years. Will Cim be up there at Ruby Lake waiting for the next expansion. Will Sasche have her coveted crab? Only you know, two year older me.


Faces and the Wild Ones

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realinkeepSo as far as beta goes I seem to just login occasionally to check out faces. Does Rose have a new one yet? Nope. I seem to have become the self-appointed Commissioner of Faces. Find bugs? Nope. Do quests? Nope, just faces.

I’ve been so self-absorbed worrying about my faces I didn’t even think to worry about the NPCs … yeah, I’m ashamed. There’s a shot of the lovely Innkeeper at Greenwarden’s Grove in the Wetlands.

betainnkeepHere she is in the beta. I know! Always thinking of myself, those NPCs have their problems too.  Okay, enough of beta. We’re doing some serious catching up now.

Cat was SUPPOSED to be doing archeology. I think avoiding that accounts for her sudden interest in pets again. She’s been trying to acquire all the wild pets she still needed and she’s been very persuasive in getting help.

She’s talked the Death Knight into doing the Celestial battle every week to get Celestial Coins so she can buy Marked Flawless Battle-Stones. I love how in that link’s picture they stack to 20. If only.

The Shaman managed to make it out of Gnomeregan without radiation poisoning and finally with an Irradiated Roach. Then she moved on to Arathi in search of a rare Cat.

swarfnudeThe upside of all this wandering is that she found a place no one had been before. She visited the Dwarf who has a farm on the coast. When my Dwarven characters saw this they were a little put out. Where’s the Dwarven lass nude? What is it with all the Human nudes? Aren’t there any Dwarven painters?

Anyway, we’re just about done with the wild pets. Everyone was a great help … except … the Warlock. Cat thinks she needs to participate, she has an idea.

critterkillHey, I’m not asking her Cat, you’re on your own. There is no way I’m asking that Warlock to kill 44, 211 critters so you can have the  pet … just no. You do it and see what happens.

Somehow it does not surprise me that I would contemplate doing this. Legendary Cloak? Way too much trouble, not doing it. Green Fire? Way too much trouble, not doing it. Kill 50,000 critters single-handedly? For a pet? It’s on!

Matty’s End of the World Mogging Contest

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saschesoutfitSo I asked my characters who would be interested in competing in Matty’s End of the World Contest. Cat’s found a renewed interest in getting her pets leveled before Warlords so she’s out. Cim showed interest but Sasche yelled, pick me, pick me! I’ve already done it before!

Done what Sas? Survived the end of the world … as I knew it anyway. Who better than an Undead to fight a possible Zombie Apocalypse!

Wow, I don’t think I’ve heard her talk that much in the whole time I’ve known her. Okay Sasche! Show us what you’ve got!

Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator

Vital in keeping in touch with other survivors, I’ll be able to pick up radio wave transmissions with my helm.

Spaulders of Primordial Growth

The crackling electricity generated by these babies will keep my helm powered, won’t be one dropped call … guaranteed.

Enchanted Thorium Breastplate

Really Sasche? How come? Well, keeping spirits high in times of crisis is very important. I … well … I think it’s pretty.

Makes sense to me Sasche.

Buckskin Cape

I don’t know, it seems to just set the mood. I feel very survivory in it.

Bindings of Multiplicative Strikes

These were a no-brainer, anything that’s going to increase my strikes has got to be good for mowing through whatever dire foes abound in this apocalypse.

Bloody Surgeon’s Mitts

Injuries at the end of the world are a given, I’ll be ready at all times with my Bloody Surgeon’s Mitts equipped!

Aboriginal Loincloth

These can double as a swimsuit so on land or sea I’ll be able to swiftly escape without having to worry about a skirt getting tangled in my knee bones.

Boots of the Blowing Wind

The Goblin who sold these to me assured me that they’d increase my speed by 20%. Perfect for those times when staying and fighting is not the best option.

Scimitar of the Sirocco

I really will need a slashy, slashy sword to well … slash my way through hordes of, I don’t know, whatever. And a glowy one? That just makes it so much better.

Bureaucrat’s Handbook

Lastly, but probably the most important. When we prevail and start rebuilding what are we going to need? Yep, bureaucrats.

As for my pet, what’s most likely to survive the end of the world but roaches! What? Yeah … okay … and the bureaucrats but I don’t have a pet one. I’m bringing along my Resilient Roach to the end of the world.

So there you have Sasche’s End of the World outfit. There’s still time to compete! Check out Matty’s post for rules and information.

I Can’t Do It

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I just can’t seem to move past this … I just can’t. In the interest of moving on it looks like I have to show this but I just won’t say anything. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I’ll keep quiet … for once. Really, now on with the show.

Present Sasche the Undead


New and Improved Sasche the Undead


My Dog


My New and Improved Dog


 Just … yeah.

Wildstar, I Hardly Knew Ye

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totahomeYeah, I’m being dramatical. Wildstar’s not dead or anything but I felt it wouldn’t be right to just leave without saying goodbye. There’s Totatu, she just hit level cap and she’s surveying her kingdom … but apparently it’s not enough. She hit level cap and that was it.

She managed to make it to level 50 during the free month which seems kind of like shooting yourself in the foot. I’ve read accounts by others saying leveling was taking too long so it might just be me. I really like the game so I subscribed for a month. Kinda like a, way to go! Great game!

Totatu has an Elite Mineral Deposit at home and all she did was login a few times a day and mine and then sell it … for a month … that’s all she felt compelled to do.

I tried another alt but I just wasn’t feeling the Engineer, my favorite by far was the Stalker so why didn’t she want to play.

The world is beautiful, I enjoyed seeing new zones. Music is well done, I really liked the combat although if you took ALL my alts deaths in WoW and lumped them together I don’t think they’d surpass Totatu’s deaths.

When I first heard about double-jumping I thought, big whoop. I was so wrong, it’s one of my favorite things and managed to get me to actually not hate jumping puzzles. Nothing could make me like the logic puzzles. Nothing.

There was a LOT of bugginess in the world story chain. A lot. Imagine having to do logic puzzles that you could not fudge and a jumping puzzle over and over and over because the quest bugged at the end. Frustration level off the chart. But that wasn’t it either.

Because I play when most people are at work or school I’m usually alone in the world. Early in Wildstar you could find people for group quests but later levels the population thinned out at least on my server, so I was pretty much alone which I’m used to.

And I felt alone. Here’s the weird thing, in WoW I never feel alone. I know, I know … no I’m not losing it. I know they’re NPCs but I’m all alone trying to find a rare Moccasin in Swamp of Sorrows and I stop by Bogpaddle to sell some junk to a Goblin and I get, I got what YOU NEED from him and I’m not alone.

I know! I don’t know how Blizzard imbued this sense of life I get from the NPCs but they did for me. I have yet to get that from any other game I’ve played … so yeah … I’m off to the Swamp of Sorrows again for that stupid rare snake but I won’t feel lonely. I got my buddy in Bogpaddle to check in on.

I will say if a disaster befell Blizzard and the World of Warcraft was no more, I think Wildstar would be my backup plan out of any of the games I’ve played. I could mine, decorate my house in between double-jumping around the world.

So Moccasin, you’re on notice. I’m coming for you! I will not be denied!



OLRG and Blog Spammers and Scammers

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cimcelebSaturday I was so happy the stars aligned and I made it to an Old Ladies’ Raid again. I had asked Cim to get screen shots. I assumed she knew I meant of the old ladies, but no. She took the opportunity to get a picture of herself with a celebrity. She ran over to Kalecgos and just took shots of them. Jeez, just like a Warlock, me, me, me. It’s all about me.

Oh! Those are lovely gloves! I must have them! They’re perfect for Cim! Oh! I got them! Yay! Yes, you noobhead, they’re so perfect for Cim in fact that she’s WEARING THEM. Sigh … a memory would be handy at times, nevertheless I got to raid with the old ladies, so all good.

Lately I’ve been missing the old days. Not of WoW but of this blog. I used to get so much entertainment from spam. Gone are the glory days of Norwegian Carrot Cake. Spammers today are … boring.

If they’re to be believed, I do now have a handle on who visits my blog. I’m sure the spammers scientifically target just the right blogs for the market they’re trying to reach.

So welcome my friends! To all you very rich (high quality diamond ads), recovering drug addicts (ritzy addiction recovery retreats) I bid you greetings! I did not know you all were interested in WoW.

I must add that I was also shocked to find out that while you’re all quite rich you still take time to find the very best deals. Quality diamonds are one thing but getting a good deal on a car is apparently a priority.

Good for you! I’ll have to check and see if there’s a Bubba’s Used Cars in our area. If Bubba’s deals are good enough for diamond-adorned, posh wow-playing people in recovery, then they’re good enough for me.

In other blog news I’ve been contacted by an Advertising Manager in a Anonymous Gaming Company! How do I know? Cause he said so in his anonymous gmail … not from a gaming company.

He wants to give me money for advertising! Yay! Yay! I find it a little odd that an ADVERTISING manager isn’t familiar with the fact that a free WordPress hosted website can’t advertise but no matter. I’m SURE he’s on the up and up … really.

How I long for those halcyon days of carrot cake … sniff … and I do feel kind of sorry for Bubba, somebody is really taking him for a … well … ride.


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