Remembering WoW Newbishness

With Cataclysm almost here I’ve been wandering around the old world visiting places that will on longer exist or will be forever changed. It brought back memories of the pain of newbness my first character went through. I started with just a game card thinking that that would be plenty of time to see what wow was about, right. I just had the little pamphlet that came in the box, had no idea of the online resources available. It showed.

My first character, the one who suffered the most and financed the rest is a hunter. I remember feeding my pet repeatedly, thinking that if I gave my pet four fish at a time they’d REALLY like me fast. I think she was in her twenties and had four silver in her pocket so couldn’t really afford all that fish.

She only had four silver as I hadn’t discovered the auction house. I bought and sold everything through vendors and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get ahead money-wise.

I thought feign death was a horrible cowardly thing to do, leave my pet to do my dirty work? I didn’t understand the concept of dumping aggro at all and died many times bravely defending my pet.

This poor hunter pretty much leveled by grinding alone, if Quest Helper was out there then I sure didn’t know about it and I would wander aimlessly about looking for quest hubs. Frustration at not finding them caused me to go into fits of rage and decimate the wildlife population so I finally did level in spite of myself.

As my server was pretty new it also took a long time to actually get a pet trained as every time I tried to tame one, someone ran up to save me from it. Ah, those were the days. Actually sometimes I do miss those days, that’s usually when I start a new alt.

2 Responses to “Remembering WoW Newbishness”

  1. Love it, LOL. Right there with you.

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