What’s up with Crusader Silverdawn

Crusader Silverdawn

I’m on good terms with most of the NPCs in game, even the ones you have to beat down to get information out of, we’re cool. I just have a problem with Crusader Silverdawn. What’s up with this guy, I mean calm the frick down man. Death to all who oppose us? Isn’t that a little harsh. I mean what if they are just philosophically opposed.

I always feel that I’m a disappointment to him. I think he might be pissed off because I never accept The Fate of the Fallen and I have only ever killed one Kraken. I just take the easy free gold quest from him, flying along in comfort throwing spears from a dizzying height with no danger involved.

But I’m not sure I’m the only one he makes uncomfortable, look at High Crusader Adelard he’s like totally ignoring Silverdawn it’s almost like he’s embarrassed. Adelard seems to be stable laid-back guy maybe he’s tired of standing next to all that fervor.

The only other thing that might be going on here is that I’m the one who’s getting weird. I have been doing these dailies for a long time. I would stop but I feel I have to do the least annoying ones for the money. Absolutely no jousting though. I didn’t mind the jousting it was just that I spent most of the time trying to keep the little buggers I was jousting in the ring. I don’t know how many times I would almost have them and then they’d run out of the ring and disappear.

Sorry, I digress. It could just be me, I seem to remember getting a little hinky around the  Shattered Sun there towards the end but really watch out for Silverdawn, just saying.

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