A Warlock Cries

A warlock cries

It’s really not like I forgot though. Between 6:00 and 8:30 every morning I login. It’s a great time as there will be no phone calls I’ll have time to do dailies, make money, whatever. I’m usually anxious to check auctions and do my transmute for the day so sometimes I jump right on without putting in my contacts. My eyesight with glasses is not optimal to say the least though.

I really, really shouldn’t do this. My hunter accidently killed Loque’nahak this way (I got rid of the Gorilla after that) so I should have learned my lesson. This morning I decided I should do the Headless Horseman, it was about quarter to 8:00 so I didn’t want to waste time and put them in. My warlock will be fine, I thought, it’s not like on my kitty where I have to see to chase his backside, it’ll be no problem.

Apparently after we started the tank DCed but I couldn’t see that. I’m happily casting away secure in the fact that everyone else has better gear than I do and I am usually not at the top of the threat meter. Uh oh, thank you really good healer whose name I couldn’t see, and apologies to the group. We all made it through because of the healer and I promise no more randoms without contacts, geez … will I ever learn.


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