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Cataclysm-Stuff to do while you wait another Week

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I while back I stumbled on the Darkmoon Faire site. It was a Friday afternoon and I had no more work. I saw the image contest so decided to do an ad for it to avoid organizing files on my computer, sending out invoices, straightening the room. So the above image is the ad, although I forgot to actually enter the contest.

So anyway, where is he? I admit that like a lot of others when I woke up to the new Azeroth I was a little disconcerted. I felt that I’d slept through something really momentous but then I was soon distracted by all the newness. My mission became to find Deathwing. I wanted to see the source of all the destruction and shake my fist at him at the very least. Sure, I want the achievement but I have a burning desire to just look at him, I wanted to see the one whose release from the earth was the catalyst that shattered my world of the last four years.

So I set forth on my journey of discovery and nope, not a peak or a sign of him yet. Can’t find him anywhere, I somehow didn’t think he’d be this shy. So while I travel Azeroth in search of Deathwing am I righting wrongs along the way, fighting dangerous beasts? Oh hell no, I’m searching for vanity pets, I’m kicking goats off the moutain, you know the important stuff. I’m still trying to get my Brazie’s Sunflower but I’m still stuck on the last quest Lawn of the Dead. I don’t mind too much as once I complete I won’t be able to play the game anymore.

I wish that Blizzard had left Deathwing ominously flying around menacing us for a while, not killing just menacing so we’d have more of a feeling of threat from him. Right now the tension I feel is between factions, boy, things between the Horde and Alliance really heated up during my long sleep.

Oh, and the other really noticeable change in the world (to me at least) is the light. I can’t get over the shadows and little pools of light. I don’t know what they’ve done but it’s really beautiful.

But I digress, I have really important news! With all this change it’s good to know you can still depend on some things to stick around.  The Ancona Chicken is still available, yay!

Plucky Johnson and Mad Magus Tirth didn’t drown when the Shimmering Flats was flooded but apparently made for high ground. If you swim to the pirate boats and go up to their camp and make a right you’ll find Magus Tirth shooting fireballs at some chickens. Chase down the largest chicken and click and Plucky Johnson will appear to sell you a chicken.

So in a time of epic upheaval and change (Noooo, The Keymaster gone!) it’s nice to know that Mad Magus Tirth and Plucky Johnson are still at it.

Cataclysm-Dancing Foxes!

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I’ve been running around Azeroth looking for new flight paths and hoping to get burnt to a crisp by Deathwing. I was in Loch Modan to see the damage to the dam close up and decided to see if Farstrider Lodge had a fp when I saw a fox. I didn’t know if I would want to keep it, doesn’t look very ferocious, but hey we have all that stable storage now so why not.

I was looking at his abilities and saw he had a bonus ability called play so I tried it and got a dancing fox! Best thing ever. I definitely think he deserves a stable slot for that.

I was so impressed with him I downloaded the free version of Fraps and below you can see my somewhat fuzzy first attempt at using it. It doesn’t do him justice though I think I’ll have to buy the full version to capture all his foxy moves.

A Trip through Gilneas

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Gilneas City

So I decided to pay a visit to Gilneas. The atmosphere was decidedly spooky, I mean it was spooky poking around there with no one home, I felt like I was looking in someone’s underwear drawer without them knowing, that was part of it but the whole zone feels ominously gothic and I was looking over my shoulder the whole way. I had my camera so I’ll let you be the judge.

My first stop above was Gilneas City. Saw a lovely fire inside so went in. Nice place, family pictures on the wall, why had I been nervous.

GilneasOkay on leaving the cozy fire I found myself in a courtyard, mmmm, okay nervous again, is this the ah … um … meat market? And just who all do they consider appropriate candidates for dinner I wonder, kittys? Okay, don’t rush to judgment here I’m sure there is some simple explanation, but I decided to move on.

GilneasSee I was being silly, a lovely village came next nothing sinister here. Next I thought I’d try to find Greymane Manor–supposed to be lovely this time of year.

Greymane ManorAlthough the Manor is not terribly inviting from the outside the inside was a little more hospitable.

Greymane ManorJudging from the number of books in his Manor Genn Greymane is quite an erudite King. Nothing to fear here. Silly to let a few swinging bodies spook me.

GilneasMy last stop was in what looked like a small fishing village off the coast, the picture of normalcy. So the Gilneans were locked up behind their wall for all that time with who knows what going on behind it. But seeing this idyllic well cared for cottage I knew I had let my imagine run away with me. There was nothing strange going on here, their taste was just a little more Victorian than ours, I’m sure that’s all it is.

Cataclysm – Finally, I have a dog!

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This hunter was my first character. She’s the one who suffered the pain of no quest helper, the agony of no sparkly quest items, yes, folks she walked uphill 5 miles to school in the snow – you get the idea. At one point she semi-tired to Nagrand but then graciously agreed to come out of retirement and make flasks and elixirs for rest of my crew.

She always wanted a dog but the best she could do was a wolf so I was so excited when I checked Petopia after the shattering and there were dogs, yes! I decided to get a Blighthound as I hadn’t visited Eastern Plaguelands yet so I got on a boat back to Stormwind and took the long flight to Eastern Plaguelands and set out to the Marris Stead. As promised there they were glowing an eerie green. I started taming one, well I mean I tried. Instead I got the message “You already have too many pets.” What? I knew I had only four pets with me and I was sure I had read that we would be able to call five. Long story (and another long flight) short I hadn’t known that you needed Call Pet 5 to call a fifth pet, well yeah, geez. So if you’re going pet hunting don’t make my mistake.

So finally, she has a dog. I like him, he’s small enough that he doesn’t get in the way like the Devilsaur I had to have and then quickly abandoned. Aww, isn’t he cute.

The New Azeroth

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Mirage Race Track

I thought it appropriate to re-visit the Shimmering Flats first thing today to see how it fared after the Shattering. I was happy to find the remnants of Mirage Raceway still visible underwater. Floating on the water is Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarge, these guys bounce back fast, they already have their new operation going.

After that I just had to go to Hillsbrad to visit Brazie the Botanist to try the new mini-game. Very nice, but I couldn’t ever get past the third quest. Got a few suns in the beginning then no more suns so no more flowers. I’ll have to turn off my add-ons and see if that’s the problem. **

Well, it’s back to finding new flight paths and checking out what the goblins have done to Azshara!

** Just so you know, the problem wasn’t add-ons the problem was me. If you play the game you really need to keep a lot of sunflowers going to get a steady supply of suns. With enough sunflowers I made it through the third quest with no problem.

The Expansion Blues

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Thousand Needles Race Track

I don’t know why I feel like this. I was so hyphed about the last two expansions. I had to get The Burning Crusade and install it as soon as it came out although I wasn’t even close to a level to enter at the time and I was soooo excited about WotLK I literally dreamed about Northrend. So I don’t know what’s up with this teary-eyed weepiness I’m experiencing now. Northrend was spectacular, I remember coming into the dock in Howling Fjord and getting off the ship and just standing there, floored, I loved it. I loved all of the zones, okay Zul’Drak maybe not so much but Northrend was incredible. After two years I admit I’ve had enough of it so I don’t know why as Cataclysm approaches I feel, well, sad. Then I watched Farewell to Northrend … sniff … didn’t help.

I don’t really know if it’s the change to Azeroth bothering me, leaving Northrend (can’t be) or aliens beaming rays at me. Last night they left the elemental invasion bosses open and my newest character really could have used some of those drops. I’ve been doing them every chance I get but I had read that there was a good chance the Shattering would be coming in today’s patch so instead of doing the bosses I mooned around Azeroth visiting places that might be gone the next time I logged in. I hope I’m not the only one getting sniffles over saying goodbye to the old world but I’m sure December 7th will cure me.

Elemental Invasion, Run for your Lives!

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Elemental Invasion

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love the elemental invasion! But then I loved the zombie invasion too. I know it interfered with auctions, the bank and so on but I didn’t care. I thought it was creative and different and it wasn’t going to go on forever. It seems that Blizzard has learned from the ah … um … input they got from those who didn’t care for the zombie invasion though. If you don’t want to be involved in the chaos of battle you can park your character in a capital city other than Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Ironforge or Thunderbluff and auction away.

Yesterday before logging in I did my usual check of Wow Insider to see if anything was up and yes, part 4 had begun. I ported straight to Stormwind on my druid and the battle was on. It was great, I don’t know how easy it will be when people get tired of doing it but hopefully the bosses will keep people defending the cities. I also heard complaints about the bosses dropping 251 loot, saying things like “I mean that stuff is only good if you have crap gear.” Well Sir, I am one of those people then with crap gear. I was happy to get Cloak of Mocking Winds not a big upgrade but I actually won a greed roll, I rolled 92, I’ve never rolled anything that high!

My only problem was my problem, not Blizzards. Okay we all know about standing in fire. I do know this. But on Prince Sarsarun I could not see the tornadoes. I don’t know if it was because of being behind him. Was he sneaking these things out under the back of his cloak? Was he hiding them? This was definitely a fight AND flight for me, I spent a lot of time airborne, if you look at the picture above you can kinda see me. This morning I watched some videos trying to actually see a tornado and I could. Ah well, my warlock can give it a try tonight, let’s see if she can avoid them standing all back and out of the way like she always does, pfft.

R.I.P. The Insane

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R.I.P. The Insane

I was surprised by Blizzard’s announcement yesterday that The Insane would be staying in Cataclysm without the exalted reputation with Shen’dralar requirement. To me that rep grind was the insane part, the rest were just well  tedious. I know that might not be the case for everyone. I imagine those that didn’t have a Rogue available to do the pick-pocketing for them might have felt that Ravenholdt was the worst and even with a scribe Darkmoon Faire took forever but Shen’dralar was OMG insane.

Okay, bring you a libram huh? Fine, is that it? No? You want a what? You know those Pristine Black Diamonds aren’t that easy to come by but okay, I’m on my way. What do you mean “Not so fast”. Frayed Abomination stitching!!!! Skin of Shadows!!! Freaking Blood of Heroes, you’ve got to be kidding me, you people are crazy … you’re … you’re … well … insane! Is that ALL, are we done here? Oh, you want all that with a side order of Large Brilliant Shards too, oh hey, no problem, geez.

For whatever reason Libram of Rapidity was the cheapest to buy on the AH on my server. I assumed it was because no one wanted to collect Blood of Heroes but I was trying to save the money to purchase the diamonds when one was available. Still, today, months later, whenever I go to Eastern Plaguelands I feel compelled to look for Blood of Heroes. If I do find one my heart leaps in my chest, my precious, oh my precious, Blood of Heroes. It takes all my self control to NOT pick it up. I can’t leave it there though. I announce the location and I’m only satisfied when some Insane Seeker comes to retrieve it.

I wish there was a way to keep those lunatic Shen’dralar in Cataclysm, you really don’t know crazy unless you had dealings with Lorekeeper Lydros.

Hitting the Wall

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Tracking Hound

I logged in over the weekend and after killing Anzu the bazillionth time and receiving what seems like my 20th Boomstick I really couldn’t think of anything else I wanted/needed to do. I sat down in Runeweaver Square and decided to get my Dog Whistle out of the bank and use the third and final charge while I thought up something to do. I used the first charge when I got it, the second to celebrate WotLK so since we just moved under the one month and counting mark for Cata I thought it was appropriate.

I first hit the wall over a year ago. I played Eve for a while, I thought I liked it but when that computer died a horrible death frying the hard drive I found I didn’t like it enough to download it again. I moved onto Aion. Aion really is beautiful and I liked the rather involved crafting and I enjoyed it for a while. I started to worry though, as a wow player I never PVP but one day after pursuing some poor Elyos halfway across a zone trying to kill them I realized I was getting a little blood-thirsty. Playing Aion solo was at times frustrating probably like trying to solo on a PVP server. I played Fallen Earth after that, again at first I enjoyed it, and the GMs were ever present and always extremely helpful, other players were remarkably nice but once again I canceled my subscription.

Wow has something for me at least that none of the other games did. It’s not just the pop culture references it’s the way they’re implemented and it’s the character’s lines. For example the quest for Umi where you scare her friends with the mechanical Yeti. Quixxil runs off yelling “Why do you chase me, Mechnical Yeti? Why? I loved that, it just cracked me up, maybe I’m easily amused but I thought that was great. It’s trinkets like the Barov Peasant Caller and the Deputy Pa’trolla Badge that gives you an awesome buff. It’s getting lost in a new zone, ending up far away from any action there aren’t even any beasts around and you stumble across an old camp, maybe with an abandoned backpack. Somebody went to the trouble of putting it there on the odd chance that maybe someone would stumble across it. I looked for those things in the other games and just didn’t find them. I’m convinced that Blizzard has a Department of Humor and Whimsy and those employees deserve a bonus.

In the past starting an alt always did the trick but I don’t want to start an alt now I’m waiting for the new world and Worgens and Goblins for that. I have been stockpiling money for the upcoming expansion my crew will need it but I really think I’ve got enough. Hmm, maybe a Winterspring Frostsaber for my druid.

I vant to be alone … sorta

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WoWing AloneThere are so many reasons that the majority of my time spent in WoW is spent soloing. I enjoy leveling, stopping to smell the Mageroyal along the way, seeing the sights, reading the quest text and finding out things like that Toby Zeigear got a new gig as a speechwriter for High Tinker Mekkatorque after West Wing was canceled.

Some people like to group and mow through solo content together, they might be raiders just leveling up a needed class for their guild, I can understand that but to me the content on the way is the game.

Some of my characters have just given up on grouping. Somewhere in the middle of BC my dps kitty became persona non grata. All I would hear was “u resto?” No, “nvm” that girl could not get in a group. Now she just sneaks into holiday bosses as they are so short you don’t get kicked for being a cat, lol.

I work for myself, I sometimes login when I have no work or I’m waiting to receive it but if the phone rings I’m immediately afk. Once I got a call while I was in Stratholme with the Abominations. I found that if you leave a bear in there for 45 minutes they CAN actually kill it. This is one of the major reasons I don’t group, I don’t want to commit to a group unless I’m positive I can stay for the entire time.

So some of my reasons for being solo are choice some are circumstances beyond my control and sometimes I think I’m really alone but this week I found Leveling is my game and  The Soapbox: Playing alone together that made me think I might solo but I’m not alone.