Insane but yet Polite

Insane in the Membrane

As soon as I heard about the Insane in the Membrane feat I really wanted to do it. Here finally was something that would fit my bizarre play style. A great title and perfect for a solo player, nothing that required a raid group. I also had a rogue of appropriate level to do the pick-pocketing  for the heavy junk boxes and a scribe to make the dark moon cards. The only thing stopping me was the part that is probably the easiest to do, The Bloodsail Admiral title. I remembered being in Booty Bay trying to turn in quests with various characters and finding the turn-in NPC dead, one time Booty Bay was pretty much a ghost town. I definitely didn’t want to slaughter the inhabitants of Booty Bay and incur the ire of my fellow Alliance players or the Horde either for that matter so I sadly gave up on the idea until someone said you should be able to stealth to  areas where there are a lot of Booty Bay Bruisers and just kill them.

Okay I thought, I’ll give it a try and yes, it was more than doable. I found two places that worked great for me. Killing one bruiser would spawn a good group of bruisers that would keep coming directly to you. I didn’t have to go looking for them they just came straight to me.

Booty Bay BruisersThe room above is on the bottom floor of Booty Bay. There’s an auctioneer in the left corner but he never got involved. Killing the bruisers by the door would bring a whole slew of their comrades. After they stopped coming I would go upstairs take care of any phone calls I needed to make and then come back down for the respawn. The other place I used is outside shown below. It wasn’t quite as reliable as the room with the auctioneer but worked pretty well most of the time.

Booty Bay Bruiser

So if the Bloodsail rep has been holding you back from completing The Insane grind before the expansion it doesn’t have to, you can easily get it without disturbing the peace in Booty Bay. There are many fine guides out there but the most helpful to me was Insane in the Membrane By Cogsworth of Ysera-US.

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