Hitting the Wall

Tracking Hound

I logged in over the weekend and after killing Anzu the bazillionth time and receiving what seems like my 20th Boomstick I really couldn’t think of anything else I wanted/needed to do. I sat down in Runeweaver Square and decided to get my Dog Whistle out of the bank and use the third and final charge while I thought up something to do. I used the first charge when I got it, the second to celebrate WotLK so since we just moved under the one month and counting mark for Cata I thought it was appropriate.

I first hit the wall over a year ago. I played Eve for a while, I thought I liked it but when that computer died a horrible death frying the hard drive I found I didn’t like it enough to download it again. I moved onto Aion. Aion really is beautiful and I liked the rather involved crafting and I enjoyed it for a while. I started to worry though, as a wow player I never PVP but one day after pursuing some poor Elyos halfway across a zone trying to kill them I realized I was getting a little blood-thirsty. Playing Aion solo was at times frustrating probably like trying to solo on a PVP server. I played Fallen Earth after that, again at first I enjoyed it, and the GMs were ever present and always extremely helpful, other players were remarkably nice but once again I canceled my subscription.

Wow has something for me at least that none of the other games did. It’s not just the pop culture references it’s the way they’re implemented and it’s the character’s lines. For example the quest for Umi where you scare her friends with the mechanical Yeti. Quixxil runs off yelling “Why do you chase me, Mechnical Yeti? Why? I loved that, it just cracked me up, maybe I’m easily amused but I thought that was great. It’s trinkets like the Barov Peasant Caller and the Deputy Pa’trolla Badge that gives you an awesome buff. It’s getting lost in a new zone, ending up far away from any action there aren’t even any beasts around and you stumble across an old camp, maybe with an abandoned backpack. Somebody went to the trouble of putting it there on the odd chance that maybe someone would stumble across it. I looked for those things in the other games and just didn’t find them. I’m convinced that Blizzard has a Department of Humor and Whimsy and those employees deserve a bonus.

In the past starting an alt always did the trick but I don’t want to start an alt now I’m waiting for the new world and Worgens and Goblins for that. I have been stockpiling money for the upcoming expansion my crew will need it but I really think I’ve got enough. Hmm, maybe a Winterspring Frostsaber for my druid.


2 Responses to “Hitting the Wall”

  1. items like these?

    Yeah I’ve been having a tough time occupying myself in WoW lately, much of everything has been done already, many times. And I can’t feel excited about leveling alts since I know the leveling experience is changing dramatically. Mostly I just try to farm for the rare mounts and to earn a little bit of gold per day on the AH.

    Btw, the dog whistle you mention will become a trinket without charges in Cataclysm. Perhaps you’ll use that new version more often? 🙂


    • Oh Gav thanks! I didn’t know that. Now I have something else to put on my Cataclysm list of things to do, visit SM and see if the Houndmaster will kindly give me another Dog Whistle!

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