R.I.P. The Insane

R.I.P. The Insane

I was surprised by Blizzard’s announcement yesterday that The Insane would be staying in Cataclysm without the exalted reputation with Shen’dralar requirement. To me that rep grind was the insane part, the rest were just well  tedious. I know that might not be the case for everyone. I imagine those that didn’t have a Rogue available to do the pick-pocketing for them might have felt that Ravenholdt was the worst and even with a scribe Darkmoon Faire took forever but Shen’dralar was OMG insane.

Okay, bring you a libram huh? Fine, is that it? No? You want a what? You know those Pristine Black Diamonds aren’t that easy to come by but okay, I’m on my way. What do you mean “Not so fast”. Frayed Abomination stitching!!!! Skin of Shadows!!! Freaking Blood of Heroes, you’ve got to be kidding me, you people are crazy … you’re … you’re … well … insane! Is that ALL, are we done here? Oh, you want all that with a side order of Large Brilliant Shards too, oh hey, no problem, geez.

For whatever reason Libram of Rapidity was the cheapest to buy on the AH on my server. I assumed it was because no one wanted to collect Blood of Heroes but I was trying to save the money to purchase the diamonds when one was available. Still, today, months later, whenever I go to Eastern Plaguelands I feel compelled to look for Blood of Heroes. If I do find one my heart leaps in my chest, my precious, oh my precious, Blood of Heroes. It takes all my self control to NOT pick it up. I can’t leave it there though. I announce the location and I’m only satisfied when some Insane Seeker comes to retrieve it.

I wish there was a way to keep those lunatic Shen’dralar in Cataclysm, you really don’t know crazy unless you had dealings with Lorekeeper Lydros.

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  1. […] The Insane will still be obtainable, contrary to what we’ve been told for several weeks. It won’t be as prestigious as it is now but on the plus side us extra-hardcore Shen’dralar fanboys will get another feat of strength […]

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