The New Azeroth

Mirage Race Track

I thought it appropriate to re-visit the Shimmering Flats first thing today to see how it fared after the Shattering. I was happy to find the remnants of Mirage Raceway still visible underwater. Floating on the water is Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarge, these guys bounce back fast, they already have their new operation going.

After that I just had to go to Hillsbrad to visit Brazie the Botanist to try the new mini-game. Very nice, but I couldn’t ever get past the third quest. Got a few suns in the beginning then no more suns so no more flowers. I’ll have to turn off my add-ons and see if that’s the problem. **

Well, it’s back to finding new flight paths and checking out what the goblins have done to Azshara!

** Just so you know, the problem wasn’t add-ons the problem was me. If you play the game you really need to keep a lot of sunflowers going to get a steady supply of suns. With enough sunflowers I made it through the third quest with no problem.

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