A Trip through Gilneas

Gilneas City

So I decided to pay a visit to Gilneas. The atmosphere was decidedly spooky, I mean it was spooky poking around there with no one home, I felt like I was looking in someone’s underwear drawer without them knowing, that was part of it but the whole zone feels ominously gothic and I was looking over my shoulder the whole way. I had my camera so I’ll let you be the judge.

My first stop above was Gilneas City. Saw a lovely fire inside so went in. Nice place, family pictures on the wall, why had I been nervous.

GilneasOkay on leaving the cozy fire I found myself in a courtyard, mmmm, okay nervous again, is this the ah … um … meat market? And just who all do they consider appropriate candidates for dinner I wonder, kittys? Okay, don’t rush to judgment here I’m sure there is some simple explanation, but I decided to move on.

GilneasSee I was being silly, a lovely village came next nothing sinister here. Next I thought I’d try to find Greymane Manor–supposed to be lovely this time of year.

Greymane ManorAlthough the Manor is not terribly inviting from the outside the inside was a little more hospitable.

Greymane ManorJudging from the number of books in his Manor Genn Greymane is quite an erudite King. Nothing to fear here. Silly to let a few swinging bodies spook me.

GilneasMy last stop was in what looked like a small fishing village off the coast, the picture of normalcy. So the Gilneans were locked up behind their wall for all that time with who knows what going on behind it. But seeing this idyllic well cared for cottage I knew I had let my imagine run away with me. There was nothing strange going on here, their taste was just a little more Victorian than ours, I’m sure that’s all it is.

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