My Pre-Wow Routine

WoW Routine

Much like the Boots of Canine Restraint my WoW routine kind of snuck up on me. I wasn’t aware that I had one until quite recently. It has taken years to evolve but the other day I realized I do indeed have a routine. What do I do? It seems that before I login every day I first check WoW Insider to see if anything is up that I should know about, like the elemental invasion has begun or the bottom has dropped out of gem sales. I then check MMO Champion to see if there are new images or interesting Blue posts. I then check my favorite blogs and lastly I make sure I visit Save a Dog on Facebook, I’m not sure how that one snuck in my WoW pre-game warm-up but it’s there.

I always login to my bank alt first, even if I didn’t have anything for sale I’m always hopeful. I remember a while after WotLK launched I got an email from the auction house with 300 gold that I hadn’t even noticed missing because of a glitch, so hey, it could happen. After that my alchemist transmutes a gem, my jeweler cuts it and it’s up for auction.

Finally I am free to set forth into Azeroth. Got my lucky pink fuzzy dice, check, got my lucky Hula Girl Doll, check …

2 Responses to “My Pre-Wow Routine”

  1. Sadly not that organized in WOW. Prob should be setting up my characters like that.

  2. I wasn’t at first but back in the day where you had to hunt down an enchanter to get an enchant I decided to be self-sufficient and have one of every profession!

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