Cataclysm is here … for some

I am trying very hard to be responsible, I keep telling myself I still have presents to buy for the holidays, I have a great many bills coming soon for the gifts I’ve already bought. Do NOT buy the digital download, DO NOT click that button. You have ordered a copy and in a short (OMG) four hours you can get in your car and go pick it up. FOUR HOURS!!! And then I have to drive there, and then I have to drive home again. It’s not like I have any lofty ambitions, I’m not going to be in a hurry to actually do anything once I login, just wait for all that’s holy, geez, get a grip, sigh.

So while I wait, what did you do in the waning days and hours of WotLK? Something productive? Make money to buy Flight Master’s License’s for all your characters? I’m afraid I did what I promised myself I wouldn’t get caught up in. I wasted all my time standing around in the middle of nowhere hoping a certain Deathwing would come by and fry me. I can’t really say I camped him, it was more like obsessively checking. I parked my druid at the fabled Arathi (44,66) location and kept logging in and checking to see if everyone was still there, and they were … still there.

I know better than this, it took me from level 76 to well into 80 to finally tame Loque’nahak and I actually knew what zone Loque’nahak would spawn in, not like the gazillion different places Deathwing might show up. And it’s not like I didn’t get hints that this was not going to work. One of my fellow Arathi standees who had been seriously camping the spot logged in and whispered that she finally got Stood in the Fire. I said grats, when did he show up? The answer was that she finally gave up and went to Wetlands to quest and was killed by him there. That should have been a sign, give up, go about your business you silly cat. Hmmm, I have like four hours before I pick up Cataclysm, maybe I should hang around Arathi. Oh Deathwing, I wish I knew how to quit you.

4 Responses to “Cataclysm is here … for some”

  1. Selfmanic Says:

    I got fried by accident while on a quest in Arathi Refuge, in the castle there. In the back of the castle is a ogre section with a tower. I was half way up the tower when I got fired. Also killed everything around me.

  2. See you were doing what I should have done. I did not do one quest in Arathi, just sat there hoping! Grats!

  3. Selfmanic Says:

    Considering it was my shiny new hunter, I was just leveling, LOL. Don’t know why but cannot get into my old characters since the big patch. Prob. going to delete all but my highest level and start with new characters.

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