First Day of Cataclysm

Yup, those are my new girls all decked out in their heirlooms, but more about them later.

The first thing I did once I got Cataclysm loaded was to get on my druid and head for Mount Hyjal. What a shock, although I knew it was coming. One little NPC and it took me what seemed to be forever of waling away at him to get him down. And they were right, pulling a group like you did in WotLK? Not such a good idea now, lol, you can die again! It was refreshing, kind of gave meaning to the fight.

I noticed that I was more than halfway to 81 and I want to make this expansion last so I decided to give her a rest. I had been really excited about Goblins for the most part based on the great movie below.

So I made a Goblin Warlock, kind of cheating as I already play one but as she’ll be my only Horde character on this server she needed an edge, no one to send her gold poor girl.

So what did I think of the Goblin starting area? Beats me. Almost immediately I got the quest Rolling with my Homies where you get keys to a Hot Rod and that was the end of my leveling. I spent the rest of the evening zipping around Kezan flooring my Hot Rod with the radio blaring. Hopefully tonight I can be a little more focused and not distracted by my Hot Rod.

I wasn’t as excited about the Worgen but I wanted to do at least the starting zone so I made a gulp, warrior. This is my first warrior, I’ll have to spec Arms or Fury as I don’t want to spec Prot and have anyone think I might know what I’m doing. I tried to make her look as intimidating as possible in the hope that NPCs would run away in fear at the sight of her hopefully dropping their loot so that I wouldn’t have to stand there trying to figure out how rage works while they kill me. I’m hopeful though, I managed to get her to level 7 without my contacts in so I’d say that bodes well.

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