Digital Gift Giving

I can’t seem to get any focus right now in Cataclysm. I run from one thing to another. Oh, I want to survey … no wait I want to just take a peek at Uldum. I really should farm some leather to level leathercrafting, sheesh I’m all over the place. So although this has nothing to do with our new shiny world it is seasonal. It’s holiday time, the time when your friends and family want to know what you’d like. They say make a list, tell me what you’d like. So I drop hints, when my husband complains that I haven’t given him any ideas I point out that the Blizzard Store has vanity pets and a mount and the ease of shopping digitally. He’s got to like that, right? No malls, no driving, this is just his thing. And his response? He laughs, like I’m kidding or something. I simply cannot get any of my real life people to believe that a digital gift is … well … a gift.

I remember when WotLK was brand new and the Darkmoon Card: Greatness was the thing to have. My son-in-law was playing a rogue on another server at the time and really wanted one but they were still too pricey. I thought, great, I know what I’ll do, it’ll be the perfect birthday gift! My scribe got busy making cards as fast as she could. I finally was coming close to completing but I think I had to buy two cards as time was running out. I made a level 1 to transfer to his server and found out a character had to be at least level 10 to transfer. I sent her out to bonk everything is sight and finally leveled her enough to transfer to his server. Yay! I was so proud of my unique present idea! My husband was scandalized, he kept saying fine but what’s his real gift. Sigh … I guess the important thing is that my son-in-law thought it was the best thing ever.

So I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting the Celestial Steed for Christmas!

P.S. (Sorry, sometimes I have impulse control issues when it comes to exclamation points.)

2 Responses to “Digital Gift Giving”

  1. It is hard enough convincing relatives to shop online. I have given up requesting specific things. They always get it wrong so I don’t really ask for anything beyond the occasional gift card, money, or sweater. I can buy my own stuff later.

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