A Dramaless Guild

I’m in a WoW funk. Oh come on, that’s just an excuse to post goofy pictures of your dog. No, really. I’m not sure what it says about me that I have WoW mini depressions but I do. I am disappointed at the least. I’ve given up, thrown in the towel. After four years of hopefulness about finding a guild I have just finally put all my characters in my bank guild.

I admit that hoping to find a guild of older players with a heavy concentration of them online between 6:00 am and 3:00 pm is asking a bit much. I think the problem is that the first guild I joined way back in vanilla was such a guild. My server was fresh and new and a group of experienced people rerolled there and started a guild. Some of them were EMTs and nurses and worked strange hours so there was always someone to talk to. I remember discussing the merits of different fast food breakfasts while I was stuck in Desolace with nothing to eat but Delicious Cave Mold. Ah, the good old days. It only lasted a couple months though.

We finally had enough members to try our first instance, which was Scarlet Monastery … we were awful. The poor GM and an officer were trying to get us newbs into shape but OMG we were really bad. I didn’t have a clear idea at the time of what a dungeon really entailed so I did the stupid hunter trick of running out of arrows, and as the hunter dead zone was still there at the time I also pulled more NPCs into the fray by backing up to get range. There was more horror but you get the idea.

After the instance debacle I finally had enough money to buy my guild tabard, I put it on and admired it and logged for the night. When I logged in the next day I had a blank tabard. Huh, what happened. I then finally sussed that I was no longer in a guild. The shame, I mean I knew I had been awful last night but hey we all were. I’ve been kicked!!!

No not really. I found another guildie and whispered her. She said check out the guild website. There was a very nice notice that the GM had disbanded the guild overnight as he had real life commitments and none of the officers wanted to take over. I checked and neither the GM or officers still had characters on the server anymore so I think that translates as “we thought it would be fun to start a guild on a new server but had no idea what trying to teach a bunch of newbs to play would be like” lol. I can’t really blame them, it couldn’t have been much fun, we were that bad.

Some of the guild decided to reroll horde, some went to other guilds, other servers and other games, finally there was just me left.

After that between my different characters I’ve probably been in five or so other guilds. But although when recruiting, guilds always say, it’s okay if you’re only on in the daytime, it’s okay that you won’t be raiding they really don’t feel that way once the time comes to try to fill a raid.

So instead of being in a funk I guess I should be happy, I’m going to have a completely dramaless guild and who knows  in a year or two my guild might make it to level 2!

2 Responses to “A Dramaless Guild”

  1. Right there with you. I tend to hate dungeons and just want to level or run around and help out the lower lv members.

    I have gotten kicked out of more guild then I can name because I had to take a week off because of life and log in to see they dropped me. Still looking for a guild that just wants to have fun and chat with the others while online while blazing through leveling.

    • Yes! I got kicked from one when I had to go out of town unexpectedly, was gone about a month, came back and no guild. The others I’ve been in just self-destructed over the don’t want to raid and the do want to raid people.

      I hope you find one!

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