Fossilized Raptor … Fossilized Hatchling

I know, I know, before December 7th all I wanted to do was read about and write about wow, now not so much writing more playing. My plan was to hit Blackrock Caverns at the appropriate level. I watched video walkthroughs and read all about it so I’d have an idea about what to expect. I kept waiting to queue until I had the time to do an instance without the chance of interruption, yeah right.

So I thought I’d just do a little archaeology in the meantime. Okay I did know it was leveling me but I thought I’d just keep and eye on it. BUT, then I got the Fossilized Hatchling project. I just had to finish that. Then I did a little more archaeology and got the Fossilized Raptor project. Are you kidding me, I so had to finish that one. And then just get up to 300 skill, and oh oh, Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown, yeah need I say more. I’m 85 now and not one instance done but now hooked on archaeology.

Oh well, now it looks like I need a mountainous load of leather to get into some clothes to keep me alive in Twilight Highlands and I plan to get right on that after I do a little, just a little more archaeology, oh and bake cookies and finish wrapping presents and just a tiny bit more archaeology.

Have a great Feast of Winter Veil!

4 Responses to “Fossilized Raptor … Fossilized Hatchling”

  1. Is archeology a skill that can be learned along side your other two professions or does it have to be a profession?

    • It’s a secondary profession like fishing and cooking so you can learn them all if you want and it doesn’t interfere with your two main professions.

      I like it because it gives me an excuse to revisit favorite places. I always loved Feralas and now I have a reason to go there!

  2. I feel lucky that I got the pet and the mount before 225 skill or so. Didn’t realise what the next project that pops up for you to work on was RNG. Sweet. Though it did somewhat take away all my motivation to keep going. Somewhere in the 280s now and that’s mainly down to waiting for PuG queues to pop.

    Hope you’re having a great Christmas,


    • I know, lol, getting the mount early is kind of a disincentive to keep it up. I looked up what else was available and found the Scepter of Azj’Aqir and the Crawling Claw so that got me going on getting to 525 and Tol’Vir fragments.

      And thanks I had a great Christmas hope you did too!

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