How I Spent my Wow Holidays

Yep, still addicted to archaeology. I feel like a naga version of Where’s Waldo. After I got my Bones of Transformation I think I tried those babies out in every continent. I have to find just one more rare and I’ll be an Associate Professor, yay!

Aside from that I’ve been doing important things like trying to find a Mysterious Camel Figurine. I’ve been trying to find Aeonaxx again. The first time I was in Deepholm I saw him and had no idea that he drops the Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake, I think flew away from him, I thought he was going to get me, geez.

And I’ve been gambling. When my scribe was leveling up she made a bunch of Fortune Cards. At the time I was saving them up as they are used to make Fortune Cookies but then I found out that there is a infinitesimal chance that if you flip them you might get a Fortune Card that sells for 5000 gold. Yes, I flipped them all, I think I made about one gold and some change. I have resisted the urge to waste my Blackfallow ink on making more so far but it isn’t easy.


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