Um, Who are these People?

If you’re ever flying around Feralas there is a lake north of Dire Maul with an island in the middle. I decided to check it out and found a large group of people who seem to have recently survived some kind of violence, and it looks like the violence took its toll as there is a grave with the marker “Ivan” on it. Questioning them doesn’t work they aren’t very responsive. They all have un-azerothian names and someone brought their pets along as Rocky and Rose the cats wander the area.

On goggling Lake Dumont you can find this listing at Wowpedia. It’s bad enough that I now spend most of my wow time flying around digging up fragments now I’ll have to stop at every out of the way place to check for stranded people because now I’m convinced if there’s one group there has to be more!

4 Responses to “Um, Who are these People?”

  1. I’ve flown over this area a few times myself while searching for dig sites and I too thought it was odd… It feels like there should be some quests associated with the place, but I haven’t seen any yet.

    • I know and the group seems to be into archaeology, I think there are three or four of them surveying … have to keep an eye on them maybe in a later patch they’ll get more talkative.

  2. As far as I know, there are no quests for this place, and it’s just weird. Rumour has it that all of these NPC’s are named after people in affiliation with Blizzard, and perhaps this place is a sort of memorial.

    • It’s funny all the things to see in the new world and I’m obsessing over this little island. I’d better get a grip and go do my Therazane dailies and stop poking around in out of the way places!

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