Real Life Aggro

Most of us probably have to deal with some kind of aggro be it wife, girlfriend, husband, whatever. My son-in-law had first girlfriend, then wife aggro. This resulted in his playing wow in the wee hours of the night and getting just a teeny, tiny bit of sleep which resulted in him dozing off during the rest of the day causing further aggro. I worried that he’d be dozing off while driving to work or something. We both tried to interest my daughter in playing the game but she just never had any interest in smiting, stabbing, nuking or face melting anything, geez, what’s up with that.

For four years I’ve tried to interest my husband in wow. I have since given up, it’s not happening, I must except that. If this were a game that re-enacted great World or Civil War battles I might have a chance but then I wouldn’t be interested so there you have it. I have husband aggro, at least that’s what I tell people when I have to get off, it’s more simple than having to try to explain it. I’m not sure if it really qualifies as aggro but it has the same effect. My husband is really very tolerant of my habit. The problem is if he’s at home and I login I probably have about another half hour to do anything constructive.

Within an hour he’ll come up and get on the other computer and start watching You Tube or something else equally bandwidth intensive. He always says “This isn’t disturbing your game is it?” and I always say no, and then go finish any business I have at the auction house or, well, I can fish. Some would say that he does know that watching videos is disturbing my game and it’s some form of passive aggression but I prefer to think he likes my company and who can complain about that and on the bright side I don’t know if I’d have ever reached 525 fishing skill without him.

2 Responses to “Real Life Aggro”

  1. Lol. I had similar problem as my son has a passion for other bandwidth intensive games. Solution – we upgraded to an ISP that delivered better bandwidth. Costs more – but saves the aggro! 🙂

    On the other hand – if I were married I doubt I would be able to play this game at all. Have had two long term partners in my life – neither of which would have understood (or tolerated) my passion for this game – so am glad I found Wow after I became single. 🙂

    • I know, I think my husband handles my passion for the game pretty well. On the weekend dog walks he gets a weekly summary of my wow adventures and as long as I remember to refer to my characters as me, instead of she he’s okay with it.

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