Stuck in Uldum with no more Quests

Just in case anyone else is stuck in this predicament I thought I’d share what worked for me. My druid went through Uldum without a hitch but while I was there I heard a few people say they were stuck somewhere in the Harrison Jones line of quests.

Well my hunter just got stuck there too. I was in the Chamber of Stars, turned in the rope to Harrison and that was it, no more quests. After flying around and around the room I finally found a dead body with the quest Lessons from the Past and was able to continue, whew, but I remember a quest to kill scarabs that the druid did and I thought it was in the Chamber of the Stars but maybe not, I was just happy to get unstuck, lol, I like Uldum and didn’t want to leave it half-done.

5 Responses to “Stuck in Uldum with no more Quests”

  1. Thanks for the tip – I will remember that when I eventually get one of my toons there 🙂

  2. Lol – I have a tendency to get stuck in crevices. 🙂

  3. amonieshot- stormreaver Says:

    dont know how old this thread is, but i came here becus i had gotten stuck and since it helped me. I felt compelled to come back here and say there is a quest to kill scarabs you just have to kill one and you get the quest 😀 so you arent crazy or mistaken.

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