Cataclysm Free Pets

I know a lot of people grumbled about not getting a vanity pet this year for wow’s birthday. I didn’t really mind as although I like free pets I’d at least like to do something to obtain them, I seem to appreciate the ones I have to quest for or get through reputation more. I’ve been happy to find at least four that can be had just through quests.

Withers is the reward for completing Remembrance of Auberdine I followed the comments posted by sunsmoon to get him. There are quite a few quests involved but if you are a high level it goes pretty quick. He shrinks over time but can be restored to his former size by immersion in water!

Brazie’s Sunflower is the reward for the last quest in a chain you can get from Brazie the Botanist in Hillsbrad foothills. What’s not to like about getting to play Plants vs Zombies in game. The last quest Lawn of the Dead took me a few tries but it was worth my Sunflower, the only downside was at least that character couldn’t play the game anymore!

This one took me by surprise I didn’t even know it was a reward for the quest until I was finished. When you complete Egg Wave which is the final quest in a chain that starts with The Hatchery Must Burn in Mount Hyjal you get a choice between a Gold Mini Jouster or a Blue one and you get an achievement, Beware of the ‘Unbeatable?’ Pterodactyl also on completion.

The one I’m working on now is Pebble. The achievement Rock Lover, rewards you with your own Pebble after you complete Lost in The Deeps, rescuing  Pebble ten times. Seems only fair I’m sure you and Pebble will become close after all those harrowing escapes.

I haven’t been to Vashj’ir so I don’t know if there are any similar quests or achievements to be had there but I can hope!

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  1. That was a nice overview of the quest pets, thanks for sharing!

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