Another Uldum Quest but not for Everyone

Well sometimes it pays to rush in killing everything and ask questions later. When my hunter went through the quests in the Obelisk of the Stars I remembered that my druid had a quest to kill the scarabs, where was mine? Apparently you have to kill a scarab to get the quest Just a Fancy Cockroach. I’ll have to go back after the servers are up and see if there are any scarabs still there. Another quest where you have to kill one to get the quest is Dirty Birds at the Cradle of the Ancients.

Now for the last one. After you complete Shroud of the Makers, which was horribly frustrating to me, I mean I don’t want to hurt Sullah’s feelings or anything but whoever sold him that Shroud sure saw a live one coming, I mean that shroud got me killed numerous times, I guess the keyword there was “nearly” invisible, anyway after the quest is done go back to see the damage you caused.

All those elites are gone and Myzerian is slowly circling around, occasionally flopping down in pain, he’s down to about a third of his original health. Okay, go kill  him. Huh, yep, go kill him. Really I wonder who the first person was who took a look at him circling around and said well, hell yeah, I’m going to kill that dragon for no reason whatsoever.

After you kill Myzerian, on looting him you’ll get Myzerian’s Head which you can return to Sullah for a nice reward, but the sad part for me is not everyone can pull this off alone. My feral druid tried it repeatedly. I tried getting up bleeds and then kiting, no luck. I tried bear, no luck, I just couldn’t do it. I’m sure some feral druid will manage it but I sure didn’t. After about 5 tries I gave up.

Now my hunter is in Uldum questing and I thought I’d give it a try. My hunter’s gear is not great, just quest greens and blues and her bear is level 84. She does have the Glyph of Mending. Not a problem, took a while but the bear was never, ever, close to low health. My hunter took more damage from the Fire Spits than the bear did. I had to bandage my hunter once but other than that it was no problem. I’m sure it will be the same for my warlock whenever she finally gets there.

So Myzerian’s Head is there for the taking for certain classes solo, you know who you are … you, you, pet owners.

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