Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake

Aeonaxx, Mate of Aeosera, yes! But this isn’t a how-to post on camping Aeonaxx. The comments section on Wowhead has plenty of those which I hadn’t read as I wasn’t out to get him. I just knew the general area he spawned in and that you had to mount him. My brief period of trying to camp locations where Deathwing might appear to get Stood in the Fire made me realize I’m not made of the sterner stuff those ladies and gentlemen are. In fact after reading some of the posts describing weeks of camping I feel kind of unworthy, but hey I don’t know how many times I’ve done Strath and still no mount so I guess it evens out.

First thing in the morning with coffee but before I put my contacts in I login to do some dailies that are safe to do without being able to see and my miner and herbalist go to Hyjal and gather. I start with my druid who does the cooking daily, goes to Uldum to do the two Ramkahen dailies and then I go to Deepholm to see if Lost in the Deeps is available.

This morning as I flew out of the Temple of Earth NPCScan alerted almost immediately. I flew around and luckily he was big enough that I finally was able to see him, so I flew up and mounted him … that’s when it got tricky. Okay, first I was shaking so bad it was a little hard to do much of anything but hang on. When I came to my senses and tried to attack nothing was happening. I stuck my nose closer to the screen and saw my health going down and his at 100%. I could see I was in human form, ugh, if I couldn’t change to kitty things weren’t going to go so well. Luckily while my nose was pressed against the screen I noticed a message saying something like “you can’t attack while pacified” which is the message I get when I accidently hit any key while in bird form. Okay, although I saw my human form I must still be in flight form, yikes. I tried to change to cat form, couldn’t, then finally found if I first changed to human form and then to kitty, yay, now I’m in business.

During all this ridiculous near-sighted fumbling my health had dropped and I had no idea why as all he’s doing is flying around giving me a scenic tour of Deepholm. After I got him I looked him up and found that he spawns whelps that spit flames at you so that must have been why my health was going down but I didn’t see them so obliviously I never bothered to kill them. I finally got him, he fell to earth, I got a nice parachute ride down, looted and got my Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake. If there’s a moral to this story I guess it’s if something is supposed to happen it’s going to happen whether you’re prepared or not, so maybe someday Deathwing will deign to kill me, I can only hope.

Just one other thing, if you plan on hanging out in front of the bank for all to see your new-found uber coolness don’t land. As you can see in the inset the little red glow is me kinda laying in the dirt and grime on the cobblestones since he insists on carrying me in his claws so it sort of ruins the whole uber cool thing, stay airborne!

Edit: I was looking at the blog stats and this post is by far the most viewed. From the search terms used to reach this post I realized people were hoping for some actual help in hunting down Aeonaxx rather than just one person’s experience. While there are probably more I looked around and found Find Aeonaxx a blog with a lot of useful information on hunting him down. Also be sure to check WoW Rare Spawn’s Aeonaxx post. Good luck to you!

2 Responses to “Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake”

  1. Lol – what a fantastic read – haha – I am still laughing while I write this, but hey massive GZ! That’s really something. And I wouldn’t worry about meeting Deathwng – I’m sure he will burn you to a crisp when you least expect it 🙂

  2. Thanks! Oh boy, I hope so. I keep thinking with all this visiting dig sites he’ll turn up and fry me, I have my fingers crossed!

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