Mysterious Glowing Figure in Ramkahen Inn

A day or two ago what appears to be some flavor of Elf appeared in the Inn in Ramkahen. You can’t target or speak with her, at first I thought my video card was going, getting double vision but it seems not as others can see her.

Anyone know who she is? Is she a harbinger of something to come? Is her appearance a portent of some great looming threat on the near horizon? Inquiring minds want to know, well, mostly me but I’m sure you do too. I haven’t seen a glowing figure in any other location but maybe they are appearing elsewhere too.

Did she get stuck in a transporter beam? Well, so far I can’t find any information about what this might mean but knowing how things go in Azeroth I don’t think it can be a good sign, eeeeeeee!

3 Responses to “Mysterious Glowing Figure in Ramkahen Inn”

  1. Never seen this myself either, very mysterious indeed!

  2. I read on MMO-Champion forums that this is a bug related to using the Sandstone Drake. I’m not entirely sure how it all worked but the end effect was that you ended up with these non-targetable humanoids kneeling wherever you logged out.


  3. I know ironyca, I was hoping for it to signify some great mystery about to be revealed.

    But Gav’s comment sounds more likely, no mystery just a bug, oh well. Thanks Gav!

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