Is Solo play Dead or just Grievously Wounded?

Yep, this is kind of how I feel about things right now. I was brought up by a mother who had a lot of rules about manners one of them being if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything. Boy us parents can really do a number on a kid, lol. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism but I have a hard time with it so I usually just keep my mouth shut.

Others apparently feel the same about some aspects of the game that I do, this, and this. There, they said it better than I could.

I don’t want to get into the whole mmo debate thing, yes, yes, multiplayer, yada, yada. Nothing about multiplayer means you have to join a guild. I mean when I first started I thought I kinda was in a guild, my faction. I had the idea that all the Alliance/Horde players were going to cooperate to accomplish goals like group quests, dungeons, etc., silly me. So I joined a succession of guilds and with one exception I still had no one to accomplish goals with. I still had to pug. I realized that since I played at odd hours and sometimes in odd little bursts with a lot of afk in the middle that the fault was probably mine, perhaps if I had been on in the evenings things would have been different so I gave up on it. I put all my characters in my bank guild where they will get no guild perks (okay, I lie, as of yesterday I’m in a level 2 guild) they will have druids flying past them 10% faster to beat them to the herbs and they will have to put up with that, sigh. My cook will have to come to terms with the fact that she will never be able to complete Iron Chef because the two recipes I need are guild achievement recipes. I might indeed be able to single-handedly cook 5,000 Cataclysm cooking recipes for the one recipe but there’s no way I’m catching 50,000 fish from a pool, just no.

I had already come to terms with not being able to complete anything involving raids and if I want to see the inside of a dungeon I wait til I can solo it. This is not the way I wanted to play the game but it has been a workaround that well, worked pretty well until now. I got by on the solo content which was fun, sometimes challenging and plentiful. I do not like the linearity of questing in Cataclysm. I feel I’m being pushed on a fast track to level cap so I can RAID with a GUILD the way Blizzard wants me to play the game. The solo content is no longer challenging, there are some great quests, Gnomebliteration comes to mind (my apologies, Gnomes, really) but it was clever not challenging.

I feel like a poor unwanted relative that showed up at the family reunion, a second class citizen, I feel that Blizzard doesn’t want my type in their game. Loner, misanthrope, join a guild and cooperate or get out of Azeroth. Some of the blue responses on the forums seem so, well, arrogant. It’s as if they are appalled that these sleazy little loners were having fun playing their game and are now trying to force them to conform, there will be no enjoying of the game unless it’s as intended. Okay, maybe it wasn’t intentional on Blizzard’s part, maybe they didn’t intentionally change their game so that it was less enjoyable to solo but it is for me.

I still love Azeroth, I’m still playing, and when I get in a place like this I usually make an alt, which I have he’s glaring at you above. Prompted by comments made by Ironyca and Döra in response to Will the Real Me please stand up? I’ve made a male character. I’ll let you know if he begins to cause my play style to change, oh, and I just pre-ordered Rift as a backup in case Blizzard starts hunting down us loners and expelling us from Azeroth.

13 Responses to “Is Solo play Dead or just Grievously Wounded?”

  1. Right there with you. I have just about stopped playing. Partly because of work but partly because of the pressure to level up just to manage to do things solo. I joined a small guild FTHOI and like the fact that only one or two people are ever online to bug me.

  2. LOL, just started a male as well. Saw a post about male vs female players and many males play female characters. Figured I would give it a go.

  3. I think they went to far with the guild perk stuff, waay too far. I have characters both in and out of guilds, and this is how I like it. It’s very deterring to know that now you HAVE to be in a guild to be on par with everyone else.

    • I know and in my case if it seems you’re trying to force me into something it’s the last thing I’m going to do so when I hit level 2 as a one person guild I thought “Take that Blizzard”, lol!

  4. Fascinating read, and I hope the going with a male character works for you – fingers crossed! 🙂 Whether it will solve your ‘solo’ blues – tbh – I doubt it. It didn’t solve mine. I grouped a lot with that character, but it didn’t make me enjoy group play to the point where it took over from my desire to just solo. It did make it more tolerable though.

    I too am very much a solo player and I think the whole reason I set strange challenges for myself is a way for me to enforce my solo’ness upon my fellow guildies and in game friends. I think they look upon me a a weird but much loved oddity in the guild 🙂 Which from my standpoint is very nice. I get the friendly guild chat without being bugged to run HC’s with them and stuff.

    You see I love joining in the guild chat and stuff, but I just wanna be out in the world on my own, doing my own thing at my own pace. On the odd occasions I have to group I find I am slow and can’t keep up, and I feel extremely rushed.

    I agree about Cataclysm though. There is something about this expansion that I can’t put my finger on, but it def feels more boring overall and I find myself logging on less and less lately. My play at the moment is tending to come in spurts with days inbetween where I am not logging on at all.

    • Yes, I missed guild chat when the first guild I was in disbanded. They were a nice bunch of people. I tried to find a similar guild after that but no luck.

      And up until now I’ve sort of done the same thing as you, just not as ambitious as your challenges. I’ll have to tell you sometime how I got the Guardian of Cenarius title alone, lol.

      • That’s a real shame about your first guild, and I guess with the Cataclysm changes it will be even harder now to find a guild like it. I think Blizz have seriously underestimated the quiet and mostly silent number of solo players out there.

        As for your story – I would love to hear about that! 🙂

  5. BTW. I just got myself onto the RIFT beta last weekend and it was pretty enjoyable although my computer could do with a new graphics card to get the best out of it.

    Have you tried DDO Ironyca? That seems really good for solo play. The dungeons in DDO scale to the size of the group and they even scale to the solo player. I had a go at it a while back and am thinking of giving it another go – no reason not to as its free to play 🙂 The only thing I didn’t like about it was I couldn’t understand the stats on the gear, so wasnt sure if I was equiping the best gear – but looking back it was pretty fun.

    • Oh I’m glad to hear you liked Rift, I’m looking forward to something new and I’ll have to look into DDO, the scaling sounds interesting and if it’s free even better reason to try it!

  6. Sorry Tomeoftheancient – I called you Ironyca – Doh! My brain is going – forgive me?

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