Obsession: Guardian of Cenarius

Hello guys, remember me … I’m back and I’m not level 70 anymore, muahahaha. This is a tale of obsession and the lengths some of us will go to to obtain the unobtainable. Way, way back when I was a young druid I knew I just had to get the Guardian of Cenarius title. I mean what self-respecting druid wouldn’t want to wear that title.

Getting exalted with Cenarion Circle wasn’t difficult, just lots of grinding Encrypted Twilight Text in Silithus which was fine as I always liked the zone. The problem was getting exalted with Cenarion Expedition you could only go so far with turn-ins and quests, after that you needed to run dungeons or turn in Coilfang Armaments and to get the quest to be able to turn in Coilfang Armaments you had to run Steam Vaults until it dropped. Wasn’t looking good for me.

I went ahead and got exalted with Cenarion Circle hoping I’d think of something when the info on the upcoming patch came out. I don’t remember which one it was but I was thrilled, I saw that Entangling Roots was going to be usable INDOORS!!! An answer to my problems, yes! The patch came out and I headed to Steam Vaults to start my looonnnnnngggg grind to exalted. Now that I could keep one of those two at the door off of me while I took care of the other one I did my (I think it’s five an hour) two guys and then reset, repeat. I don’t remember how many days of doing that it took to get the quest Orders from Lady Vashj but it finally dropped. I continued going to Steam Vaults and slowly getting Armaments to turn-in but after a few months realized that my time would be better spent making money and buying the rest so I did cheat there at the end.

I wore that title forever, that is until I got The Insane title which seems appropriate considering. I just wish I could channel that wow determination into real life sometimes, lol!

4 Responses to “Obsession: Guardian of Cenarius”

  1. Selfmanic Says:

    I went nuts grinding till I got to level 60 and am still basking in the glow of the flying mount. Yeah, got to find a way to get that into work and life to bang out some improvements, lol.

  2. Lovely to see you back 😀 I’ve really been missing your posts. And Wow – both those achievements are amazing – especially Insane. I recently helped a guildy get that one by pickpocketing lockboxes for him whenever I was at a loose end for something to do. That is one Insane achievement. I really look up to people with titles like these as I see the work involved is enormous – but then again – if you are having fun its not work. The problem is – they start out fun but become tedious after a while but you just have to keep going. Probably my longest grind was getting the Wintersabre Mount – pretty easy compared to yours.

    I was considering going for Guardian of Cenarius once, but when I found out you had to grind mobs in Silithus for the Encrypted Twilight Texts, I just knew I couldn’t do it – it’s my least favorite zone in the entire game – lol. Unless its changed in Cata? I haven’t actually been back to have a look.

  3. Thanks so much! I have been just fooling around, visiting zones I always liked, kind of a wow vacation, lol so haven’t had much to say that was blog worthy.

    I don’t think Silithus has changed in Cata but I used to love to hang out there when it was cold, snowy winter here!

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