Most Important WoW Regret

I’m sure most of us haven’t been able to do everything we’d like to. Most things I’ve missed don’t bother me much with some exceptions (where is that stupid little fire breathing dragon already) but the fact that I haven’t leveled a Horde character to the level cap really bothers me. I started out with the Battle Chest and played through those as I didn’t think I’d be interested in the online game. When I was finished I so loved the Horde, my sympathies especially were with the Undead.

My son-in-law bought WoW vanilla for me and I said I was going to roll Horde side, he was horrified, no, no, you must be Alliance he said so I did. Well now, many WoW years later I’ve had ample opportunities to level up a Horde character and zip, nothing, nada. Why, you might ask? This is embarrassing but largely because of those freakin’ Flight Masters. I don’t know how many times my poor Horde characters have merrily run up to an Alliance Flight Master and been annihilated. I have played Alliance so long I can’t seem to remember that they’re the  enemy while playing Horde. It takes its toll, as you can see my highest level (45) has taken to drowning her sorrows at the Inn in Booty Bay with her buff from Midsummer Fire Festival still on her. This doesn’t really help as odds are she’ll get so smashed she’ll run right up to that Dwarf Flight Master up there for the bazillionth time and die a horrible death—yet again.

I’m not saying I’m giving up but the odds don’t look good. My little goblin is still parked in the horrible goblin slums of Ogrimmar, she was traumatized by the reception she got when she arrived there, I’m not counting on her to recover. My Undead Mage seems to be content to pick flowers for a living so it’s really up to this Tauren Druid to get the job done if I can just get her sobered up, sigh …

4 Responses to “Most Important WoW Regret”

  1. Lol I know exactly what you mean. My main problem is getting lost in the horde cities – even more so with the new Orgrimmar, (but Undercity is just as bad). Org is so huge and I can never find the vendor, trainer I want or even the AH. Just end up running around for hours lost – very frustrating.

  2. I know, even when I manage to get to a actual Horde flight master once I get where I’m going I’m lost!

  3. I think we are not the only ones with this problem. Strangely enough the most visited page on my blog is this one:

    This is all from people googling “Where is the Goblin Mount Vendor?”
    Beats all my other page’s views by 10:1 – lol

  4. We’re not alone then! I took a look and the most visited page here by far was us WoW people like our mounts.

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