Random Acts of Kindness

Yes, that’s my brand new character waving at you. After complaining about never getting a Horde character to level cap I decided to try once again. She’ll be the only Horde character I have on this server so it will be like old times, she has no big sisters to send her money, heirlooms or any other goodies. After taking a look at the auction house I was horrified by the prices so I decided she’d have to be a tailor to have something to wear and a herbalist for (hopefully) the money.

Yesterday while picking Peacebloom I got a whisper asking if I’d group so the person could do Molten Core. I said sure and went on with my flower picking. When I logged back in last night I received mail with 150 gold and a “Thank You”. I was stunned, boy can she ever use that money. I don’t know if the person mentioned gold in the whisper, if they did it didn’t register and if they did and I had seen it I would never have assumed that I’d actually get it. It made my day and I thought it was an incredibly nice thing to do for a lowly little warlock.

Maybe a year ago I was running around Stormwind on my level 11 warlock, no heirlooms, no fancy gear and noticed a level 80 stop near me as though they were inspecting me which was silly as why would someone want to inspect a level 11. I noticed the character’s name as it was the name of a group whose music I enjoy. The next time I logged into that character she had mail. The subject was “Random Act of Kindness” and it contained 35 gold and it was from the character I had noticed.

On occasion I feel like turning off all the chat channels as sometimes it’s so depressing. I’ve been yelled at (okay cap-locked at but it feels like yelling) for not helping someone kill something and yelled at for trying to help someone kill something, I’ve been ore ninjaed, spit on, called a noob, the list goes on as I’m sure it does for most people but then something like this happens and I realize there are nice people in Azeroth they just aren’t the ones talking trash in Trade so sometimes you forget they’re there but they are. Thank you, random acts of kindness doers, I will pass it on.

You know I just realized that both the characters who were the recipients of all that gold were warlocks, um, you don’t think they did anything to make that happen do you, I mean casting some dark mojo on people to get their money, I hope not but you never know with warlocks.

4 Responses to “Random Acts of Kindness”

  1. What a cute and heartwarming story. I recall random buffing from others, that made me happy.

  2. Oh, I remember that! In the early days of our server everyone you passed as you ran would buff you. This warlock got lucky in Brill yesterday as some high levels were in town looking for Easter eggs. I got a wonderful Fortitude buff!

  3. Oh that is such a nice story! 🙂 Kind of restores your faith in other’s when someone does things like this out of the blue. Reminds me that I aught to try help spread a little happiness in game like this too.

    Great to hear you are enjoying your horde character she certainly looks happy in the pic – so a big wave back from me 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, I’m having fun with her, the starting zone has changed so much that’s it’s all new and then I’m always really motivated when trying to get to the first mount. I hope I can keep it up after I get to 20 later today.

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