Wow, my Alts were so Spoiled

My Undead warlock is 32 now and there she is flying into Desolace, oddly everyplace else she’s been has seemed weirdly empty, no one around but in Desolace it seems normal as nobody was ever around there the many times I passed through. I’m sure it may vary from server to server but leveling her without any financial backup has been a revelation to me. I leveled many alts before but they had help. I wonder if there are many new people starting WoW, if so I hope they find helpful guilds to help them along.

Blizzard had done many things to ease the pain, and I’m pretty sure they must have increased quest rewards in the lower areas because I don’t remember getting over one gold as a quest reward in a level as low as Stonetalon Mountain in the past. My problem has been the prices in the AH. I have to use quest reward gear as I can’t afford anything at all. I was excited when I got to level 30, glyphs! I could buy my glyphs! Yay! Nope, I’m sure it varies on different servers but to get the Fear glyph it would cost 120 gold. Immolate was listed at 130 gold. I don’t know if that was just an aberration so I’ll keep checking the AH in the hope that it was, but geeezzzz … life is tough if you’re not an alt.

I’m lagging behind on my tailoring too, I out-leveled the areas where the cloth drops were so thought I’d just buy some, nope, a stack of wool 62 gold and that’s been steady, so it was back to a lower level to pick on the lowbie NPCs for the wool. I’ll have to worry about First Aid when/if I get to level cap cause I so am not wasting my cloth on it now.

I finally wimped out today. This poor girl was sporting a low level dagger with +1 Intellect and +1 Stamina at level 32, scandalous! I hadn’t wanted to use heirlooms as I don’t want to level faster, well at least not until post level 60 but today I sent her the caster staff and two trinkets to wear. They won’t increase experience like the robe and shoulders but now I won’t have to try to buy a weapon or trinkets for her for a while. Quests seems pretty easy she managed a couple 2-man quests with her stinky little dagger, but I just felt bad for the poor girl. All in all it’s pretty fun, I’m lost all the time, especially in post Cataclysm Orgrimmar. This experience has given me a whole new outlook on people just starting WoW now, they should get a Feat of Strength for that, something like “I Walked a Mile, Uphill, in the Snow …”

2 Responses to “Wow, my Alts were so Spoiled”

  1. Oh wow – I can so empathise with this. The number of times I have started alts on other servers – then thrown in the towel over the lack of money to buy glyphs, enchants etc. The prices these days are way high. Problem is all my char slots on my main server are full – mainly with half levelled alts that I can’t bear to delete, but will probably never fully level either. I want cross realm heirlooms QQ. lol

    However, leveling Thriftee (up to now) has taught me an important lesson (at least with the hunter class) – you don’t actually need any of this stuff! lol. But I must admit I miss shopping on him 🙂

    Sigh! I wonder if we will ever be able to find our way around Orgrimmar?

    • I know! I have abandoned alts littered all over the place. I thought if I made this Horde character on my main server although I wouldn’t be able to help with money maybe just moral support and a few heirlooms would do it. I’m afraid someone had to go to make room though and it was my Worgen warrior. As much as I’ve tried I just can’t seem to get anywhere with warriors.

      Yes, here’s hoping we learn our way around Orgrimmar before they change it again!

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