Noooo … She Stood in the Fire

Anyone suffering from altoholicism probably knows how this feels. You get a drop or achievement on the wrong character. For example my druid wanted the Great Brewfest Kodo, but didn’t want the The Horseman’s Reins, I wanted that for my warlock and shockingly enough they both got what they wanted.

My main is the only character I do achievements on. I do have two maxed fishermen and two maxed archeologists which is bad enough but any achievements the rest of my characters get are by accident. My main has been trying to get Stood in the Fire since it became available. She hung around in dangerous places, has been everywhere leveling archeology and nothing. The closest I came was flying into the Wetlands once and seeing the flames disappear.

As I was questing with my Horde warlock it did enter my mind what a horrible travesty it would be if this new wet-behind-the-ears character encountered Deathwing. I then got a grip back on reality and realized, hey, they’re all unlucky me, I haven’t seen him on any character so the odds of that happening are pretty unlikely.

Of course as you can see it did happen, questing in Blasted Lands, killing Ogres, the sky turned red, yada, yada, yada, you know the rest. I didn’t even see him a hill was blocking the view. Then to make matters worse she takes off for Silithus to get the dumpling recipe and sandworm meat to level cooking and almost immediately a Disgusting Oozeling drops for her. I am not bitter, my main however is furious. At this point she’s not even speaking to my priest because my  priest parked herself in Dalaran at level 77 and lent her heirlooms to my Horde warlock.

My warlock doesn’t care about achievements, she’s just excited to have reached 60 and is flying around Outland. It’s a very lucky thing that they’ll never meet, it could have gotten very ugly.

2 Responses to “Noooo … She Stood in the Fire”

  1. lol – He he – you met him in the same zone that Thriftee did. At least you’ve had the experience now 🙂 I never saw him either 😦 Would love to get a screenie of Deathwing.

    • Yes, I’m happy one character got to be at least near him! I’m not giving up on getting a sight of him though. My main may have to go back to revamped Azeroth and do the quests and hope for a sighting instead of hanging around Uldum bonking peons!

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