Combating Loneliness While Alt Leveling

My warlock wanted to go to the Isle of Quel’Danas once she hit 70 just to take a look, didn’t stay long though. While still lovely the emptiness was disturbing, I kept remembering what it was like when we were opening it up.

While leveling up she didn’t encounter anyone of her level until Hellfire Peninsula. Hellfire was a surprise it was mid-afternoon and there were four horde in the zone. I don’t know why but some zones seem lonely when you’re the only one in it and some don’t. I don’t like Shadowmoon Valley but I didn’t feel like I was in a ghost town there where I did feel that way in other zones.

Anyway by the time she reached Area 52 I thought of a solution. Archmage Vargoth! That’s it! He doesn’t stay long on his visits but he makes a pleasant break from the Voidwalker who just constantly complains about not liking this place. Mr. Wiggles is nice company and all but he is just a pig and I’m down to my last Mechanical Yeti. I have to admit I feel just a tiny bit guilty. It’s clear that he’d like me to do something for him, he seems a little disoriented every time I call him with the staff and we’re in Borean Tundra or someplace rather than Netherstorm but he’s good company so I’m keeping his staff until I reach civilization.

4 Responses to “Combating Loneliness While Alt Leveling”

  1. Vargoth is the man. He’s also nice to dance with when someone in your dungeon is dc’ed and you are waiting for a replacement.

  2. Oh No! – Why oh why did I get rid of my staff on Salad 😦
    Just been reading all the fun stuff you can do with him. If only I knew.

    • I know, I went back to see if my druid could get a replacement but she’d finished the quest line so no luck.

      Oh, that’s great, I’ll have to try out those emotes on him!

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