Through Your Interface — Favorite Hangout

This is the first day of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge. Thank you Saz, I love having a good excuse for taking screen shots. Once Cataclysm hit and Dalaran was no longer an option and the place to be was either Stormwind or Orgrimmar I felt a little lost. I had never hung out in Stormwind before but as time went by I finally found my spot.

Whenever I feel like just sitting around and people-watching I have found that I enjoy laying in the shrubbery by Weller’s Arsenal. Noboby bothers me and I have a nice view of the area where people strut their new mounts.

This only works in Cat Form though, the Bear really can’t fit in there and if I do it in Human Form I draw too much attention. So if you’re ever on Fenris and see a kitty in the shrubbery, that would be me!


2 Responses to “Through Your Interface — Favorite Hangout”

  1. *Gasp!* A kitty stalking behind a shrubbery? How adorable! I wonder what it is about druids and people watching…

    You’re welcome. I love having a good excuse for seeing WoW through the eyes of others. I look forward to your other entries : )

    • I know, I love browsing blogs and seeing places I didn’t even know about. Sometimes on patch days I think I spend as much time looking through Postcards from Azeroth as I would have spent in-game.

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