Through Your Interface — Player Housing

Day Two of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge is about where you would decide to call your home if you could and why. There are so many places I love to revisit but I think I’d pick Sundown Marsh.

The Wetlands bring back so many memories, the Death March to Ironforge first among them. Way back when I had just one noob Hunter I wanted to learn guns. I found that the trainer was in Ironforge and I didn’t know how to get there. I don’t remember what level I was but it wasn’t appropriate for Wetlands. I found a level 8 Priest who knew the way and we corpse-jumped our way to Ironforge.

When I got to the Wetlands at the correct level I found that little house in Sundown Marsh and it was the first time I found an NPC that would sell you something you’d actually want, I mean Wenna Silkbeard had armor you’d want and patterns! What a find, I was ecstatic!

So I’d have to pick Sundown Marsh as my new home if I could. For beach front property like that I can put up with the little Crocolisk problem.


3 Responses to “Through Your Interface — Player Housing”

  1. Huh, for as many times as I’ve corpse jumped and legitimately leveled through that area, I don’t actually recall this place. I may have to search it out sometime in the very near future.

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