Through Your Interface — Representing You

This is Day Three of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge and it’s been a tough one. Show us an image that represents who you are, either in Azeroth/Outland or in real life.

After thinking about it, it was kind of eerie, who knew, me and my characters seem to have a lot in common. My Druid is a dog lover, I know, I know her pet isn’t technically a dog but close enough. And you can see even my dog likes her and he’s picky.

Then there’s my Warlock, she’s always going to Hardwrench Hideaway for hard-shell crabs. She loves to sit outside and watch the ocean while consuming a massive amount of crab, well shoot, so do I!

I was amazed how alike me and my characters were. My Druid gave me a scenic tour of Elwynn Forest and we talked about all the things we liked which were strangely similar. At the end of the day the only thing where we differed was the body count. I have none, these girls are stone cold killers. I mean the Druid has a kill count of over 100,000. I mean you wouldn’t know it to talk to them, they’re all so nice, but geez, they did assure me they had all been bad guys though.

Other than the killing we’re pretty much the same, I on the other hand pick up bugs that get in the house and carefully put them outside, boy, did that get a giggle out of them.

4 Responses to “Through Your Interface — Representing You”

  1. Keep going am really loving your entries for this screen shots challenge 🙂
    And ‘double take’! – is that you in the middle picture? Hi!

    • Thanks Döra, it’s a fun challenge. Yes, I had a photo of me waiting for crabs at a place on the Potomac River and it reminded me so much of Hardwrench Hideaway I stuck it in, at least the top part is real, had to fake the legs!

  2. The photoshopping of yourself into these timages? Too cool. I’ve also never taken much notice of the Hardwrench Hideaway, though I haven’t tinkered much in STV since Deathwing came out of hiding and I tend to miss all of the fun Horde areas due to being Alliance. I may have to stealth on by there sometime soon, looks like a fun place to be!

    • Thanks Saz, yeah I’m so glad I’m finally working on getting a Horde character to level cap. If one of my Alliance characters sees something interesting in Horde territory I can now go check it out.

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