Through Your Interface — Greatest Accomplishment

This is Day Four of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge and I’m kinda cheating. This was not my greatest accomplishment, I think maybe pickpocketing about 1,400 junk boxes for The Insane without giving in and buying any might have been but this one gave me the greatest amount of joy, yes!

I hated you Fel Reaver, you, you, stupid … um … Fel Reaver you.  Why, Fel Reaver, why? You snuck up on me I don’t know how many times between all my characters. Stomping around, bellowing, suddenly breaking into a run … right at me … once again I was smushed under your foot. So I’d move to another area and then who shows up, one of your freaking cousins who squashes me again.

I don’t remember when I went back for him … the first time, probably level 80 but nothing has ever been as satisfying as putting Fel Reaver down, nothing. Just writing about it makes me want to head out for Hellfire Peninsula once again.

3 Responses to “Through Your Interface — Greatest Accomplishment”

  1. Fel Reaver…I recall going back shortly after hitting 80 and laying into him as well. I showed no mercy. Totems, wolves, heroism; everything I had went into my vengeance on that bugger. He killed my shaman so many times on my first run through Hellfire that it wasn’t even funny. Now days when I go through the area on an alt I see him glitch zooming across the zone and I just kind of feel sorry for him.

    • Now that you mention it, the last two alts that went through Hellfire never had a problem with him, maybe because they could just fly away so they hold no grudge.

      When I went back to get the screen shot since I didn’t take one when I originally did it I felt kind of happy that someone was at least paying attention to him, even if it was just to kill him.

      • You’re right, flying has more or less made him a complete non-issue. Usually my alts don’t hit Hellfire until 60 or so, but this last time around I went out at 58 on the rogue. I had to stealth dodge him maybe once. Just seems that the rusty ol’ boy doesn’t have it in him to crush lowbies like he used to : /

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