Through Your Interface — Title of Choice

Day Five of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge is about your favorite title and why you like it. I wear  The Insane title because, well, it was a title I could conceivably, actually get.

As someone who plays off-peak hours without a guild (well, I’m in one but all my guildies are me), too shy, thin-skinned or whatever to pug anything but a holiday boss most challenges in the game are not designed for me. When I first heard about Insane in the Membrane I thought now here’s something I could actually do, but I didn’t. Having been in Booty Bay when others were wreaking destruction on the town I knew I couldn’t do that.

Someone told me that it was possible to just kill Booty Bay Bruisers without bothering the other inhabitants of the town, I tried, they were right and so began the grind for The Insane title.

I did nothing else for three months, nothing had been said about what would happen when Cataclysm came out but I didn’t want to take any chances, and since I didn’t know how long it would take it became my obsession.

My Rogue picked pockets, my Shaman made darkmoon cards while my Druid ran, and ran, and ran Dire Maul. By far the hardest part for me was procuring pristine black diamonds, they just did not drop and back then they weren’t up in the AH all that often so my bank alt haunted the AH, checking hourly.

When I finally got it I flew to Tanaris to sit on the beach and relax.  I have worn The Insane ever since, I’ll never be The Kingslayer or a Conqueror of Ulduar but I will, however, probably always be insane.

7 Responses to “Through Your Interface — Title of Choice”

  1. Excellent title choice. I was rather excited to find out that they were keeping this particular title in game simply because I think ‘Saz the Insane’ has a nice ring, plus I am a bit off my rocker some days : P I have yet to get my grinding pants on for this title, but my rogue is finally within that level range to start properly pick pocketing all of those lock boxes so I’m definitely running out of excuses to start up the long grind.

    • Saz the Insane does have a nice lethal ring to it!

      I haven’t been back to Tyr’s Hand since that dragon remade the landscape. Don’t know if it’s still the best place for pick-pocketing anymore but it was funny back then, you’d be stealthing around running into other stealthed rogues and get a whisper “You doing Insane or you selling?”

      A lot of rogues doing back alley deals there, felt appropriate considering they were rogues 🙂

      • I haven’t tried Tyr’s Hand at all as of yet, since it sounded as if instance picking was a tad smoother route to go (my poor little rogue…she’s been eaten by so many stealth detecting dogs). I may have to poke around there a bit though to see if Deathwing really did get rid of those mobs, or if they’re a bit easier to farm while at level 60.

        Silly rogues and their shady ways. Can’t live with the outcasts, can’t be insane without them either.

  2. I am always in awe of anyone with this title! So \bows down 🙂 I remember helping a guildie out by pickpocketing lockboxes for him when I had nothing bettter to do. Can’t remember how many he needed but I’m sure it numbered in the thousands, and that was only a tiny portion of the entire challenge. Yes – I am in awe!

    • Thanks Dora, I on the other hand am blown away by your incredible patience and determination with Döra and Thriftee. As a levle 85 I wouldn’t even try for the BB King Achievement, oh and plus your videos that always make me smile!

  3. Selfmanic Says:

    How did you set yourself up in a guild? Just thinking about doing the same for my characters.

    • I just lucked out on that. A friend who plays on another server but has a low level character on my server that he plays when his server is down was on one day and joined a guild.

      As soon as he did the GM asked him to take it as he didn’t want it anymore so he knew I wanted a guild bank so he agreed.

      If that hadn’t happened I was just going to watch trade for one for sale as at least on my server on the weekends you usually see someone trying to sell a guild.

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