Stupid Human Error

This post for the most part is rant, just warning you. I have put up my rant face. The rant face was inspired by a particularly bad day at work. It’s part of a series I did where I would take a part of my body and combine it with all manner of things, squirrel skulls, scans of crumpled aluminum foil, you name it. If memory serves, in this one the teeth are really mine with Photoshop’s “Release the Kraken” filter applied. I had to go out in the backyard and find wildlife to eat to get the appropriate blood-stained look.

So why am I so upset? Human error, mine. I was so going to go straight from day one all the way through on  World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge. I knew what I wanted for about the first 11 days, then it gets a little tougher but I thought it would come to me.

So what happens? Typical disorganized me happens. I get to day 7, Best Screen Shot of the Year and go to my folder where I had saved all the screen shots I took before Cataclysm of places that I knew wouldn’t survive Deathwing. And it’s empty. Because I don’t learn lessons. I had two folders named “Screenshots” one on the desktop and the one in the World of Warcraft folder. The desktop one is where I keep a copy of a screen shot I’m fiddling with to post, periodically I empty it after I post things. This is a dangerous thing to do, I knew that, but did it stop me, oh hell no.

So I’ve apparently emptied the wrong folder, they are all gone. No more shots of Auberdine, Tanaris, and all those shots you take when you get your first flying mount, holidays, you know. I’ve been searching everywhere in the hope that maybe at some point I backed them up at a now undisclosed location. The past me sometimes did things that the present me knows nothing about so I haven’t lost hope yet. But geez, how stupid can you be. I shouldn’t ask that as I’m sure I’ll do something to show myself up.

Ahhhhh, well, moving on. Anyway, what I was going to say before the rant was how great this challenge has been because beside the fact that it’s fun I have found many new blogs to read, both the participants and from their blog rolls. It was like Christmas. I’ve noticed that there seem to be three different types of blogs I read.

First type are the ones you go to so that you won’t spec like a total idiot and your clothes won’t draw comments like “LOLNOOB”. The ones with the math wizards toiling away behind the curtain, working with, Oh God, numbers!! I don’t do numbers at all well. Thank you math wizards for sparing me the typed laughter of the crowds in town.

Second type is harder to define. I just really like that person. The way they write, what they choose to write about, it’s hard to put a finger on it but it’s the kind of thing that makes you think, aw, I wish they were on my server.  The second type can sometimes also be a first or third type too.

The third is easy, they make me laugh. A thing that I hold in high regard. Sometimes they can change types. I used to read Big Bear Butt because he told me what to do when a bear but now I read him because he frequently makes me laugh. Mortigan The Warlock and OddCraft are also in the laughing category.

After reading these blogs I wish I could be more like them. I should do something about my epic run-on sentences, I should really consider using punctuation occasionally. I wish I could promise to do that but I think It’d be like promising never to name two folders in different locations the same, I know I’m going to do it.

And one last thing, I feel kind of guilty, I read lots of WoW blogs and almost never comment, for the most part I just read voraciously, laugh, or learn and I don’t comment. I just lurk. This has got to stop, I’m going to try to be better … except … the math wizards … can’t go there, they are just too scary.

4 Responses to “Stupid Human Error”

  1. Oh no! It’s like losing the treasured family snapshot album – treasured memories lovingly gathered over the years! Oh I do hope you find them.
    I would be tearing my hair out right now if I was you. Have you tried restoring your recycle bin? If you deleted them recently they might still be there. /pray

    It’s funny how you talk about lurking on certain sites. I tend to lurk on sites where I don’t feel my comments would measure up. i.e I am not witty enough, not smart enough, not tech savy enough, my command of the English language isn’t good enough etc. And yes – I feel guilty too because I know just how nice it feels when someone takes the time and care to comment on my posts. Yes – I must try harder!

    I really hope you find your lost screenshots.

    I have a system (of sorts) – it’s not infallible – but… My computer very quickly gets like a house where you have just given a party to 20 3yr olds – a mess, and the times I tend to lose stuff, is when I decide to tidy up. ‘Tidying up’ used to mean deleting stuff that I deemed rubbish – but that’s dangerous. So now I don’t really tidy up – I just shove everything away in the closet (external usb hard drive). Once that’s full – I get another – lol.

    • I’m not giving up yet, I have two external hard drives. One of them recently stopped working so I’m guessing that of course the backups are on that one. If I can’t get it working I’m taking it to the guys who rebuilt this computer and see if they can retrieve whats on it for me.

      I know! I want to comment sometimes and then I think oh, no one wants to hear what you think, but I’m getting braver a little at a time.

      Yes, the next time I decide to tidy-up I’m going to step away from the computer and tidy the room it’s in, it could sure use it!

  2. D : <— Face of absolute horror.

    The thought of losing all of your screen shots like that is terrible! I don't even know what I'd do in that situation. I certainly hope that you discover some random little hidden treasure trove of backed up files.

    I do love how this challenge as introduced me to some rather neat new blogs. I had no idea that there was so many other screen shot junkies out there, not to mention I've stumbled across a few that fit into the categories you mentioned (I sort much like you it seems).

    You're not alone with the chronic lurkerdom. I often browse/read posts, only to close the window when I'm finished. I'm trying to change that a bit though, especially with the TYI posts. There's too much good content being put forth by bloggers, I think they deserve encouragement to produce more excellent content! Yourself is very much included in this : P

    • So far I’ve found two lone ones in out of the way folders, probably saved there by accident. Yay for accidents! Haven’t hit the mother lode yet but still looking.

      Yes, it’s been great getting out there and finding new blogs and thank you!

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