Through Your Interface — Vacation Spot

This is Day Eight of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge, I’m skipping day seven for now. The floating islands in Nagrand, wow, they still blow me away. I go back to Nagrand every once in a while. I pick up my bag of jewels from those shady Consortium guys just to keep them on their toes. I fly up to an island and count ’em to make sure they didn’t short me and then I just enjoy the view. I doubt I’m the only vacationer here, if I do a /who there are usually a few 85s on that list, they probably bought one of those condos over by the elemental plateau.

Right now I practically live in Uldum hunting for Camel Figurines. I’ve found three now although just the kind that fall apart into 25 gold worth of dust so I’m still looking. I want to meet up with that camel hoarder.

Oh yeah and while you’re here did you see the post on how to reach the gold cap on WoW Insider this morning? I was so depressed, I am such an underachiever. I think, well, I know the most gold I ever had was 150,000 and once I hit that mark I immediately proceeded to spend 20,000 on just stuff.

So, feeling like a slacker I decided to head to Uldum and grind something sell-able. My Druid is a skinner/lw but oddly she really doesn’t like to go out and skin. So you have to bribe her. I just noticed that when something positive happens in-game like an achievement I refer to it as “I got the achievement” and when something negative happens like my Druid having to be bribed it’s suddenly my Druid’s fault. Anyway …

So my alchemist mixes her up a batch of Potion of Treasure Finding and off she goes to decimate the crocolisk population of Uldum. If I have to grind leather I like crocolisks because of this:

I love it when they fly up and flip over dead, makes me feel like a very powerful cat. I am going for a double but haven’t got one yet. Having two flip at the same time would be wonderful, kinda of like the Triple Axel of croc killing!

Okay, I kind of got off on a tangent there but what started it was Uldum.  I’m wondering if in an expansion or two when asked for my favorite vacation spot it just may have changed to Uldum, or maybe I’ll winter in Uldum and summer in Nagrand.

9 Responses to “Through Your Interface — Vacation Spot”

  1. Lol ‘the Triple Axel’ of croc killing! Awesome 😀 You know – it’s wierd, but I’m not sure I have ever sat on the floating islands of nagrand even though ive been in the zone and seen them tons of times. As for money I don’t think I have ever owned more than 9-10k individually on any of my characters – I can be a real slacker when it comes to farming and making money – unless there is something I really want off the AH – but that’s rare these days. Think I’m getting more contented in my old age 🙂

    • I used to sit up there and go through my companion pets and take screen shots. Then I would jump off and turn into a bird about half way down, although once or twice I hit the wrong key and was squashed, lol.

      I really don’t need tons of money but geez, I don’t have much considering I have 10 characters. I think my problem is that I’m not a speculator. I always farm everything myself. It’s frightening how similar my money handling IRL and WoW are. You’d think I wouldn’t be so timid with virtual money but I am!

  2. Nagrand, love it. I like the fact the map designers remembered to include beauty and serenity and not just chaos and war, when they made the world.

    With regards to gold capping… it’s always been a mystery to me how easily some people claim they can earn gold. I suspect it’s because you have to really play the auction house, and for me to do that, I would have to engage myself in a whole new mini game within WoW. So I just stick to the usual herb collecting etc, nothing big.

  3. Oh and about the croc flipping, you are so right, such little drama llamas those alligators! But it makes a good ending to the fight.

    • I know, when I read some of the blogs on making gold I get cross-eyed, that is serious work they’re talking about, way too serious for me.

      As for beautiful Nagrand I always wonder if the zone designs are a collaborative work of a whole department or if they have teams that work on different zones, if they are teams then yay for Team Nagrand and Team Uldum!

      And not only do those crocs do those satisfying flips they make wonderful Beer-Basted Crocolisk!

  4. Having spent many hours upon those floating rocks myself, I have to agree with the peaceful feelings amidst such other war-torn zones.

    Gold? Who has gold when they have alt kids? Sol has gone through a ton of it over the years, but never seems to keep much more in pocket than 4-5k!!!!!

    • I know, I’d guess that the bulk of my money goes to subsidizing my alts professions. I still have blacksmithing, tailoring and enchanting left to get to 525. And they want me to buy them mats, they don’t want to wait, geez, these kids today!

  5. I’m with Sol, those alt kids suck up your money fast! Though I’m finally working my way up to that 30k mark. Maybe if I stop buying shinies for my shaman and bits for gear for my druid…

    Wintering in Uldum would be lovely. There would still be heat, but it wouldn’t be unbearable like I’m sure it is during the summer months. As always Nagrand would be a wonderful place to visit in the summer, it’s just too pretty of a zone to pass up! Excellent choices : )

    • I know, I’m pretty good about grinding my mats instead of buying but I can’t resist shiny new gear. There is a cloak on the AH that I hope someone buys to save me from it!

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