Mysterious Camel Figurine or how I met Dormus

Since I noticed that the highest traffic posts I have are for the most part either mount or pet related I thought I’d post about that elusive Mysterious Camel Figurine. I started looking for the figurine as soon as I hit Uldum so I have probably been at it for over five months. I have a theory about how I finally found six of them, the last one didn’t crumble into dust!

For about four of those months I checked the map of spawn points at Wowhead and every time I logged in I would fly a route over most of the points waiting for NPCScan to alert. Nothing happened, ever. I finally got convinced that the Figurine would be like Deathwing, we’d never meet. So I got careless. I had never done the flight first thing in the morning as when I login at 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. I don’t have my contacts in and can’t see much of anything. Not a good condition to meet Dormus the Camel-Hoarder in but since I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be meeting him I wasn’t worried.

Long story short, in the last month I’ve found six figurines, the one yesterday transported me to the Steam Pools in Feralas. I found every one of them between 5:30 – 6:30 in the morning. Blizzard rewards early risers? Dormus only entertains visitors in the morning?

As for the fight, my poor Druid had to rely on my myopic vision but Dormus is a big target and even I could see him. I just got all my bleeds up and then ran around, then repeat. Dormus is big but not too tough with or without being able to see.

So now I have a lovely camel to add to my collection. I received the title “the Camel Hoarder” and it came as a surprise to me that you also get a Feat of Strength, Scourer of the Eternal Sands. So just remember the early bird catches the worm, or rather the Dormus.

9 Responses to “Mysterious Camel Figurine or how I met Dormus”

  1. Grats! 😀

    I always try to keep my eye open for the Camel Statue. Did NPCScan go off for you when you located one? I have heard conflicting reports of NPCScan no longer able to detect the statues due to something that Blizz patched in, so any confirmation either way is appreciated.

    Also, it’s wrong to hoard camels. They smell bad. Let them free!

    • Thanks! Yes, NPCScan sounded off for all the figurines but it still isn’t easy to find those tiny little things. I sure couldn’t have found them without it.

      Yes! camel hoarding is just wrong, I’m glad I was able to free one.

  2. Holy crap, congratulations! Those tiny things are IMPOSSIBLE to find. XD

  3. Huge grats – its obvious that these things are hard to find, so nice one! You know what it is I love about this blog? Your amazing turn of phrase. There is always that one sentence hiding there somewhere – often subtle, sometimes not – but when I find it, it never fails to make me smile, laugh and/or conjure up lovely funny pictures in my head.
    ‘The early bird catches the dormus’ – I see a tiny bird pulling for all its might at what it thinks is a worm, and out of the ground pops a huge dormouse! The bird falls over in surprise, stranded on its back, squawking in fright, legs up in the air. Dormouse just looks at it nonchalantly and wanders on its merry way 😀

    • Thanks Döra!

      I love your movie, it’s running in my head now too!

      Oh and Döra? Can you please ask Ernee to keep us up to date on his doings? I’m afraid he’s going to be so busy killing dragons and such that he’ll forget to let us know how he’s getting on Lol.

      • Oh Ernee will – never fear! He’s def having fun, but a bit too young yet to be killing dragons 😀 He gave Cookie a good thrashing the other night though. 🙂 Stay tuned!

  4. Holy crap, congrats! I’ve half heartedly attempted to look for those little buggers, but alas no luck as of yet. Perhaps I should go back to my early morning rare seeking *strokes chin*.

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