Does your character have a Soundtrack?

Before I reveal who my in-game BFFs are for the next World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge I thought I’d see if anyone else had a certain song that tends to run through your head every time you play one of your characters? My Druid was sitting in the Blue Recluse listening to whatever she listens to (perhaps she has a sound track for me) and I realized that I did for quite a few of my characters.

I managed to find YouTube links for most of them but warning, warning, some of these are not safe to view if your mother-in-law is visiting or you’re at work, really, you’ve been warned, take heed!

First, I have a terrible confession to make. After spending untold hours picking pockets for my Druid to turn in for Ravenholdt rep what did I do to my poor Rogue? I deleted her to make room for a Worgen. Yup, that’s the thanks she got, I’m ashamed. So this one’s for you Rogue, R.I.P. , Social Distortion – Bad Luck.

My Hunter was my first character, I still love her, I just never learned to play her, lol, yes I think I’m one of those hunters. Some day maybe I’ll learn how to play her well, this has always been her theme, The Last of the Mohicans, I’ll bet she’s not the only hunter with that sound track.

Now my Shaman was once my main back in BC and she was a badass, spells crackling, totems flaring, wolves howling, swinging that big bad two-hander. Her song back in the day was House Of Pain – Jump Around.

My Warlock likes to inflict pain but that’s not enough for her, she wants to scare you before she kills you, she’s really such a drama queen.  When I play her I hear this, but not the singing part just the first really great hollering part, the singing parts too pretty, ugh, my Warlock does not like pretty, Sarah Brightman – Fleurs du Mal.

Okay now for my Druid, um, first I want you to know she’s a really nice girl, I mean geez she’s a Druid, and a Guardian of Cenarius for heavens sake. The lyrics are not what reminds me of her but the music. When she has to fight something other than things involved in dailies, when she really has to try hard to be a good kitty and move around and stay on something’s butt, possibly shift to caster or bear and still keep up her dps and it works I hear Infernal – Banjo Thing. For those with pristine, unsullied ears you might want to skip this one. Most songs with explicit lyrics I can never hear them anyway but in this case he enunciates rather clearly.

Sooooo, I showed you mine what are yours?

9 Responses to “Does your character have a Soundtrack?”

  1. Oh Wow – I love that Infernal track – never hear it before! One of these days that could very well end up on one of my video’s. Def one to bookmark – thanks 🙂

    Here is Thriftee’s Soundtrack:

    • Oh, that’s so appropriate for Thriftee. I’d never heard it before as I don’t think I ever saw Grizzly Adams. I thought I’d at least seen a repeat of everything that’s ever been but I guess not.

      As for Ernee beating up Cookie, yay! Way to go Ernee!

  2. Ahahah oh man “do I have a soundtrack.” Oh gracious. Music is an incredibly important part of my RP experience — it solidifies character development and gets me in the mood to write, which is awesome.

    This is one of Arolaide’s:

  3. I just have to say, the screenshot is so mesmerizing and smooth and dreamy – and the earphones, I love it.

    • Thank you Ironyca, sometimes I have an actual idea for a post but sometimes the screen shot comes first and then the idea for a post, she just looked like she should be listening to music!

  4. Love that screen shot!

    My characters don’t really have a sound track. However, one zone in WoW has an album. Back in BC I had told a friend that I liked Shpongle, but was having difficulty finding albums by them. He managed to snag me a copy of ‘Nothing Lasts…But Nothing Is Lost’ and I fell in love. I listened to that album on repeat as I leveled my way through Zangarmarsh on Saz and it’s more or less a requirement to listen to it as I level my alts through the zone. Maybe it’s the mushrooms in the area that make me do it…

    One song in particular on that album though I had pretty much on repeat, and I still love to this day would be ‘When Shall I Be Free?’

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