Through Your Interface — Your WoW Crew

This is Day Ten of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge, Saz asks:

Who are the people you hang out with day in and day out? Do you only hang out with your raid mates? Do you have a small, tight knit group of friends that you hang out with? Or are you a strange loner who just hangs out with your pets?

Wait! What! That’s you? You mean you’re the strange lon … er … um.

Well yes, that would be me, oh go ahead and yell it, loser, loser loser!!!

I had considered using the screen shot below instead and trying to fake you out and pass them off as my friends but figured you’d catch on to the fact that they are mere peasants. They have no say in the matter, if called to do so they HAVE to stand around and pretend to be my friends whether they want to or not because they are required to come when I summon them.

After looking up the Peasant Caller I feel somewhat better, although I no longer have friends on this server I do, it appears have an item that is no longer available in the game.

Over the years the attrition from server changes, quitting WoW altogether, faction changes and other circumstances has whittled away my friends list to nothing. I made those friends for the most part back in BC doing the group quests. Considering the state of Cataclysm I’m not going to be getting any new ones that way.

Real life friends you ask? HaHaHaHaHa! I once mentioned to a rl friend that I spent a lot of time playing a game online. She replied, “Oh, yes, I can’t get enough of Solitaire.” If I tried to explain an mmo I know I would have received a polite blank stare. If I tried to explain WoW and any of them actually, finally got it they would schedule an intervention because they’d be sure I had finally gone completely starkers so that plan is not an option.

So as you travel the world and you get a glimpse of some weirdo in the middle of nowhere surrounded by her pets — /wave cause it’s me!

P.S. No, that’s not all of my pets but I just got tired of cutting out those tiny, wee, beasties to stick them in the screen shot!

Even as we speak or read rather, Patch 4.2 is probably being poured or getting close to be poured into our servers.  If you’re looking for serious information about it, well, you’d better just move along. On second thought, I’m feeling civic minded so as a good citizen of Azeroth here’s Wowheads guide on the quests.

12 Responses to “Through Your Interface — Your WoW Crew”

  1. Well, dang, I didn’t know you had a blog – and a good one too. You gotta be more upfront, like, “Hi Morty, here’s my comment about your crappy post, signed Tome at” You know, something like that. Then I get the hint and drop by for a read and add you to my blogroll – which I did.

    Very cool blog! I gotta start reading!

    • Mortigan! Thanks for visiting! I know, I probably need to attend a class in remedial self-promotion and thank you for the link. I’m off to read about War Bears now and oh, I haven’t read a crappy post on your blog yet!

  2. Aw 😦 I really wished you were in the EU. I feel quite sad reading that Tomeoftheancient.

    Not too keen on the “Or are you a strange loner who just hangs out with your pets?” Cut out the word ‘strange’ and it wouldn’t sound so bad. What is it about Cata that has caused a split in the community? Maybe it hasn’t – but that’s how it feels to me.

    My (very few) RL friends don’t get it either – they are of the solitaire variety too. If it didn’t come bundled with Windows it’s beyond comprehension.

    • You are a sweetheart Döra! I really have come to terms with it. My big problem is the time of day I can play. Even when I was in a guild there really was no one on at the same time.

      Most of the friends I did make were out “sick” from work when I met them during the day. So although I complain about the changes in Cataclysm my problem really is the hours I play and the other US time zones would be even worse.

      And irl I spend an awful lot of time hanging out with my dogs, so er, maybe the shoe fits lol!

    • When I got my first laptop, my first personal computer (back in 2003, I think) I played A LOT of solitaire 😀
      …I still play Mahjong sometimes.

  3. Ironyca says
    …I still play Mahjong sometimes.

    Confessions – I love Mahjong! 🙂

  4. LM*O!

    1-Loner fits Sol to a “T”
    2-I love your *civic minded, good citizen of Azeroth* stance

    Enjoyed the post Tomb.

    • Thanks Sol!

      I could have used Khrox with me yesterday on the Elemental Bonds quest chain. I found that turning off auto target doesn’t really work and got involved in a lot of inadvertent PvP!

      Needless to say I died a lot, but on the bright side I did get a new cloak!

  5. Why must realm transfers take a few hours and cost a pretty penny that I can’t afford? Many of my friends play on different servers these days, and since I no longer have a guild community to run (how the hell did someone like me run a guild?) it’s becoming more apparent how much I wish I could just server bounce one of my 85s around to visit everyone. If only this were possible! I could come visit you on my druid, and we could be cats together somewhere…doing whatever it is that cats do (pounce mice?).

    I must say, that is quite an epic crew of pets you have there! Can’t beat having them for friends most of the time. I mean, they’re not much for chatting and the droppings must become hell to clean up, but rarely are they fussy!

  6. Really, Blizzard should have a free visit your friend’s realm day!

    Yup, I’ve thought of leaving my server but I’m spoiled by having the support staff with all the professions. I so can’t justify moving around eight characters.

    Mice pouncing FTW!!!

    • If only! I’ve had a few offers of “Hey! Come to my server!” and it’s always been tempting. I’m like you though, I have my network of professions that I simply cannot leave behind. Not to mention, trying to move all my characters to a new realm, plus a faction change would be a small fortune that I just cannot afford. WTB free vacations!

      /pounce zee mice!

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