Elemental Bonds and Free Balloons!

I felt a certain responsibility since in my last post I had a link to the new 4.2 quests. I’m sure for most my warning’s too late or in a lot of cases you already knew this  but I didn’t. It appears that disabling auto targeting doesn’t really work.

I wanted to do the Elemental Bonds quest chain immediately after the servers came up. I told myself it would be a bad idea but then I thought nah, my server is practically empty, it’s now displaying as “New Players” on the server list, it’ll be fine.

It was crowded but fine up until Elemental Bonds: Doubt. I’m on a PvE server so you guys on PvP servers have a good laugh, yes I’m a sissy, not used to being ganked. I was horrified to see nothing but a mass of flagged bodies and once in a while a glimpse of what I was supposed to be killing.

I thought, this can’t be good but I’m not leaving. I’ll just turn off auto targeting, be sure I don’t use Swipe and it’ll be fine. It was so NOT fine. I think I was flagged within a few seconds.

I was having bad lag spikes, I don’t know if that contributed in any way but I immediately had some hunters pet beating the crap out of me. I thought I’d ignore it as maybe it was accidental but hey there’s only so much crap-beating I can take so I killed his pet.

The hunter, apparently driven insane by the loss of his trusty companion who did manage a speedy recovery, proceeded to ignore the quest and hunt me down. Fine, I’m sorry, I REALLY didn’t want to kill your pet so if it makes you feel better kill me. Get it out of your system. There, all better?

Nooooo, he was not all better. Dude, seriously, just kill me once, that’s more than enough payback, really. Not so, I finally went and hid until my five minutes were up. Stop making chicken sounds at me. Look, if I were good at PvP, I’d be out there kicking all y’alls butts but in truth I really suck so I hid.

I continued to get flagged through the rest of the quests, patiently waiting for someone to kill me so I could get on with the quest, geez … so just wanted to give you a heads up, if you haven’t done it yet put your dancing shoes on.

Returning to Stormwind badly beaten BUT with a nice new cloak, I found something to cheer me up after my pathetic PvP showing, yeah, I only managed to kill … one pet. Nevermind, moving on, what did I find?

Yay!  A free pet quest! Just go to Cathedral Square and look for Vin, she’s kind of in the lower right corner and she’ll give you Blown Away. You’ll get a balloon pet on completion and you’ll up your companion pet count. It might even ease your bruised ego if like me you just got the crap beat out of you. Oh, and go buy yourself a Strawberry Ice Cream, it helps … a little, sniff.

4 Responses to “Elemental Bonds and Free Balloons!”

  1. That’s one to do at three in the morning then! Good job I’m a night owl, and even need to level up first. Although, thinking about it, I could take a peek on Thriftee – (my only 85) lol, as I’ve heard that Bear wont attack anyone now unless they hit me first because of the new stances thing for pets (that I haven’t yet trained). Could be fun – but I think I should go naked, or it’s probably gonna cost me. – haha.
    Sounds fun though.
    Does it require a flying mount?

  2. It was fun, you get transported around magically in spinning whirlwinds and underground. I don’t remember having to use a flying mount but I could be wrong since I tend to not really notice if I have to change to bird form, hope I don’t steer Thriftee wrong!

  3. Ohhh, I feel your pain! Of coarse, Khrox is ally, on a horde heavy pvp server. Nothing but a sea of red before him with every quest. Even with pet on passive, command attack only, there was still an adverse amount of aggro flying every which way. Somebody mistakenly hits pet in mob, pet attacts, 5+ horde come for pet owner. /sigh Many horribus deaths and corpse runs.
    It’s been fun though.

    • I’m going to wait a little longer, hopefully it will cool down a bit before my hunter does Elemental Bonds. From screen shots I’ve seen I really missed some stuff due to the mass of writhing humanity. I’m glad I’m not the only one who got worn out from corpse runs!

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