The WoW Ironman Challenge, I’m In!

A few days ago I checked The Land of Odd to see if he had a new post. I found The WoW Ironman Challenge. I thought it was interesting but I have so many WoW experiments going I thought, no, no more alts for you. So I continued on my way resisting the alt urge. I visited Ironyca Stood in the Fire to check for a new post. Hhmm, what did I find, The Overlooked Heroes of WoW – Unconventional Ways to Level another great post that called to my inner altoholic. Finally I decided to visit Psynister’s Notebook where the brainstorming began and then … I was hooked. I gotta do it.

I felt that if I rolled a Druid or Warlock it might be too easy as those are the classes I have the most experience with. One of my WoW regrets is my bank alt. She’s a Mage who I managed to get to level 53 back in vanilla and then I just gave up. I was an awful Mage, I was either dying or drinking. I later tried again, and that Mage was deleted at around level 30. So I don’t know if I’ve gone and shot myself in the foot before even starting but darnit, I want to level a Mage so here goes!

Ironmary has made it to level 10. I think one of the bigger challenges for me will be to REMEMBER. Remember not to equip that green quest reward, remember to sell the potions that drop, don’t use them! So far this challenge has been so reminiscent of my very first character. She was a huntard who bought vendor armor because she didn’t know any better. Leveling was hard for her until she found a guild and found out about the Auction House. Life in Azeroth was tough.

I like that, I’m paying attention again. I can’t afford to just barrel in totally oblivious of the number of NPCs in the area. I have to take care. I have to carefully scout around because she really has trouble with more than one bad guy unless she’s prepared.

I encountered Ressan the Needler at level 7 and thought it would be a good gauge to see just how squishy she was. She was really squishy, another few bad deaths but there’s no way of knowing whether it’s my lack of skill maging or the constraints of the challenge.

I know it’s early days but I’m really having fun. When leveling a new alt I tend to get nostalgic for the old days, this isn’t like that it’s more like BEING back in the old days but with Sparkly quest items, I love those sparkly quest items.

10 Responses to “The WoW Ironman Challenge, I’m In!”

  1. Ironmary, I like that name. Want to be sisters? 😉

  2. Hi Tomeoftheancient!

    I spotted that you are doing an Ironman Challenge too. Man, a mage is going to be tough! Rather you than me 🙂

    Remembering to enforce your rules can be bloody tricky at times. I’ve thought about writing an addon to help enforce my rules but I’m too hooked on playing at the moment to give it any thought. Some if it will be straight forward, but I would imagine gear wearing restrictions pretty difficult to do. Well, who knows, I may look into in more detail if Maedra the Fourth expires!

    Anyway, best of luck with your challenge and I look forward to hearing more tales!

    Good luck,


    • Hi Maedra!

      Oh great, I have your challenge page now so I can follow you. There are some challenges I won’t even attempt but I sure like to read about them and get vicarious thrills when someone else does them.

      Best of luck to you too, I’ll be following Maedra’s progress!

  3. Welcome to the challenge, as someone who has attempted to level a mage a few times without success outside of these contraints, you have my sympathies and my respect. 😀

    Titan’s bless the sparkly quest items. Single greatest blessing to confused, pointless wandering looking for something with a vague description in the quest text ever.

    • Hi Vry, thanks! I’m hoping that the challenge will force me to learn to mage properly, that or kill me!

      I know, a lot of the additions Blizzard has made over the years I haven’t been a fan of, but sparkly quest items were the best thing ever.

  4. Love the name – love it that you have gone for the challenge! Oh my – a mage 🙂 I just created a gnome mage in Paranoid (leveling normally), he’s only level 11 and he’s died 18 times already lol.

    So you definitely can’t be any worse than me! Really good luck with this – am following avidly.

    • Thank you Döra, I’m going to give it a good try. Might take me a while though. When the going gets tough I’ll just think of Thriftee!

      I should check her deaths, there have been many. She’s level 11 too and I’m pretty sure it’s more then 20, or at least it seems like it.

  5. […] 21.  I must say that compared to things I’ve been hearing from my fellow challenger over at The Tome of the Ancient I’m thinking that a warlock has been definitely a boon to Ironkerion’s success. […]

  6. […] 21.  I must say that compared to things I’ve been hearing from my fellow challenger over at The Tome of the Ancient I’m thinking that a warlock has been definitely a boon to Ironkerion’s success. […]

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