The Ironman Challenge — Level 20

Ha! Hahahaha! Who said, “I felt that if I rolled a Druid or Warlock it might be too easy …” Hands? Oh, ah, it was me? Well in that case I have to say I’m a big nitwit. WoW is hard mode now, really, really, hard. I’m level 20 now and I’m pretty sure an overachieving level 1 could kill me, no problem. The reason I got to level 20 at all is the siren call of the first mount.

Early going was fine. I had some unintended deaths by Duskbats but everything seemed about normal until at level 15 Sylvanas tasked me with the quest Seek and Destroy. Didn’t sound hard, I just had to go beat up level 13 Caretaker Smithers and get his logbook, piece of cake right? Not so much. Dead, dead, dead. That guy was all over me. After an unseemly number of deaths my Mage slunk back to Sylvanas and told her she had some business to take care of and that she’d be right back.

I came back at level 16, I was rockin’ 224 armor,  (now my most important, well, only stat) I’m 3 levels above him what could go wrong. Dead, dead, dead. I was afraid to go back to Sylvanas. I mean you know how she is, patience isn’t her most important virtue. I realized that to complete the challenge I’d have to do an attitude adjustment. I’m not here to curry favor with Sylvanas I’m here to level to 85 by any means necessary, soooo, ROAD TRIP. I’ll shirk my responsibilities and go to the Barrens!

I had the same type of problem with some of the quests from Ratchet. I could not stay alive long enough to kill the object of the quest. I FINALLY completed them all (darn, it’s so hard to sell those quest blues)  and yes, I think I did shot myself in the foot by picking a class that I seem to have absolutely no talent for playing but I wanted a challenge and boy did I get one.

I was surprised to find that not having professions other than First Aid is nice. I was afraid I’d miss them as I fret over them, stopping to make sure they level along with me, making sure I have mats. This is kind of freeing, I have no worries, well, other than the whole dead thing all the time.

Money. I didn’t really think I’d need much. When I read that Vrykerion was going to roll on Zangermarsh I vaguely remembered that somewhere in the murky past I had started a character there with the intent to join in on a It Came from the Blog event. I checked, and yes, and she had gold. Not a lot but I thought it would help with bags and mounts. Little did I know I’d need gobs of money. For what you ask? REPAIRS and paying that angel when I’m tired of slogging back to my body. Hey, I’m an Ironman but a little luxury once in a while can’t hurt, can it? I made the original character on Zangermarsh my banker. A ton of intellect gear has dropped for me just to taunt me so I send it off immediately. I’d just feel unproductive if I didn’t try to make some money along the way.

I’ve become so obsessed with this that, oh the horror, my main has missed two days of the Firelands Dailies. She might miss more. I’m going to keep maging until it kills me. Well, okay, you know what I meant. Until it kills me a 100 bazillion times would probably be more accurate.

/wave, wish you were here, Ironmary!

8 Responses to “The Ironman Challenge — Level 20”

  1. Grats on 20! I’ve been busy rounding up easy achievements on my main and severely angering factions that can easily kill me in Fallout New Vegas to work much on Ironkerion this past weekend (I got him to 10 and got my blueberry.)

    Now I am severely tempted to follow in your foot prints and head into Silverpine to see how I and my demonic minions fare against the Dark Lady’s requests. 😀

    • Thanks! Could you do me a favor while you’re in Silverpine? I want you and your minion to kick that Caretaker Smithers butt repeatly for me and tell Sylvanas I’m really sorry and that I was captured by pirates or something.

  2. Grats on 20!

    I went ahead and rolled one of my, the Troll Hunter, just to see how easy/hard it would be. After getting to level 12 without taking a single point of damage (even pulling up to 3 mobs at once) I decided that was just way too easy so I deleted him.

    I’m not sure now which class to try out next. I’ve considered Mage, but I know I’ll be back to my hardcore kiting ways like I was with the Hunter and the challenge will be gone again. So maybe Rogue for some serious death wishes, or maybe a Druid?

    I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I’ll be sure to pass on my own experiences in a post once I do.

    • Thanks! Oh, now a rogue sounds hard, that would be interesting. I would think a Druid might be challenging until you get cat form.

      I tried to kite but I kept running into other mobs and rounding up a herd of them!

      Looking forward to hearing about whoever you decide to try. It will be interesting to see if the ones I think will be easy/hard to level actually are.

  3. I’m reckoning hunter would be the easiest. I’ve settled on a mage too, and due to no kiting spells early on, I was frequently down below 50% health. I’m a bit scared, but will keep going, I just got frostbolt, so now I’m starting to get some tools to play with.

    Grats on 20! I think you’re ahead. If you’re up for more undead areas, I strongly recommend Hillsbrad Foothills, I did it recently with Joy. A hilarious but also slightly disturbing quest zone.

    • Oh good, I’m glad there’s another Mage, I need Mage pointers! I want to go back to Hillsbrad if only for the quest where you get to be a questgiver.

      The high point of my day was finding white shoulders on the AH!

      Really want to hear how it’s going for you. This challenge has given me even more admiration for Thriftee!

  4. I am really proud of you Ironmary – you are doing so well! Just checked your armory (sorry but was dying to know just how many deaths you had actually suffered given your description), but I find it’s a lot less than I thought, so really well done!

    It sounds like you are really having fun & nice that Ironyca has gone mage too with Elford, so you can compare notes.

    Good luck – it can only get tougher – lol

    • When I was following Thriftee’s journey I knew it was hard but I didn’t REALLY understand how hard, now I’m beginning to.

      I find I’m now cursing myself under my breath that I didn’t roll a Warlock but I’m going to stick with Ironmary.

      I am so happy that Ironyca joined AND with Elford the Mage.

      About getting tougher, what worries me is that 1-60 is so easy leveling normally, what in the world will 60-85 be like, gulp.

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