The WoW Ironman Challenge — A Late Entry

I think Psynister and Vrykerion may have created a monster (me) with the Ironman Challenge. I have now started an experiment within an experiment, her name is Ironsally. She resides on Zangarmarsh along with her Forsaken cousin.

Playing Ironmary is exactly like having a hangnail and constantly picking at it. It really hurts but you can’t stop doing it. At some point I started wondering, a lot, is this challenge that hard or am I just completely incapable of playing a Mage, really, I want to know. Ironyca’s Elford is doing just fine. No embarrassingly high total of deaths like Ironmary. So I had to know and Ironsally was born.

I planned to roll a Goblin Warlock and then I must have been distracted by phone or something. I was level 10 or so when I realized I’d made a human. Oh well, she’ll have the challenge of having no money cause the rich Irons are Horde on Zangermarsh. No fancy Tuxedo Pants for Ironsally. And I had wanted to do the same quests at around the same level to see if the Warlock had the same problems the Mage did to be fair to, well, me.

I think it’s now pretty evident I’m an incompetent Mage. The ease that Ironsally has been leveling seems to prove it, it’s not the challenge it’s me. Wait, let me check … okay Ironsally has had  six deaths and none of them had anything to do with the constraints of the challenge. First was me not paying attention and running off a cliff to fall to my death. The second occurred when Ironsally was jumped by a few mobs and I stood there trying to decide if I should use a Healthstone or not instead of running. It would have been better to ponder my moral dilemma about Healthstones BEFORE combat but hey, what are you going to do. The next four deaths were on this quest chain and Ironsally had to die four hideous deaths by Elites because her stupid operator didn’t take the time to READ up on how to operate the Bravo Company Field Kit, sheesh. And I’ve since decided (while not in combat) not to use Healthstones or Soulstones.

I’m not giving up on Ironmary, I’m going to continue to level them both but at the rate Ironmary is progressing I started to worry that Blizzard may move on to other things before I even come close to approaching level cap.

Ironsally has had no problems yet related to her lack of gear, stats, or talent points. One thing I did notice is that while playing normally and questing, I’m interested in what the gear rewards are for a quest. Now all I care about is XP, don’t need no stinking gear, just give me XP, and oh, money’s okay.

I really have to say it’s been a long time since leveling was this much fun.

9 Responses to “The WoW Ironman Challenge — A Late Entry”

  1. It’s not you, it’s Ironmany, trust me. As a mage at low levels you have NO tools to work with, no means of getting out of combat easily. Even after I got frost nova, I can only handle one mob at a time. Damage is not my biggest issue, lack of control is.

    My basic strategy is this (remember, I’m no mage expert, this is just what I do):
    – Always open with frostbolt at max distance, then fireball, then frostbolt again to refresh the slow effect. I try and alternate between them as fireball does more dmg.
    – When they get close frost nova to freeze in place and run back (blink away if you have it)
    – Open again with a frostbolt and try and finish them off with a fireblast.

    It works, BUT small things can throw it off completely, like two mobs complicate it and if you miss on a spell (which I do way too often).

    I see Ironsally is in Redridge, that’s also where Elford is 😀 (don’t get killed by the sleeping elite kitties, that happened to Elford, he got clawed in seconds!)

  2. Oh and the only reason Elford hasn’t died a lot, is because I play him like a neurotic wreck.
    I take no chances, heck I even waited till I completely outleveled Hogger only to find out I didn’t get to kill him properly anyways – what a let down!

    • Sleeping elite kitties!!!! How in the world did I manage to avoid those!

      Thanks for the words of encouragement. Ironmary always seems to miss spells when it counts or stumbles into an add when she’s already fighting. She may be the rich Iron but she’s not the lucky one!

  3. I decided to go with a Mage myself, but Mage was my main during Wrath and I’ve spend a good deal playing with them as twinks this expansion as well.

    You’ll find things go a bit better for you if you open with Fireball instead of Frostbolt. Slowing them is essential to your survival, but if you start with Fireball the faster cast time of Frostbolt will allow the slow to happen very shortly after you draw agro so that you’re taking advantage of their movement time to get to you rather than wasting it with a long fireball cast.

    Also, Frostbolt’s slow gives you a chance to reposition yourself, so if you feel you need more survival Frostbolt them and start moving, casting a Fire Blast during the movement if possible. After getting a bit of distance, Frostbolt again one to two times before repositioning again. Use Fire Blast every time its cooldown is up, and break your Frost Novas with another Fireball followed by a Frostbolt to slow.

    I prefer to use my Arcane Missiles to follow up my Frostbolts or Fireballs to take advantage of the slows or their movement while the channel takes place.

    Oh, and don’t forget about Polymorph when you draw more than one mob at a time, and if things are going badly for you then you can use it either to run away or to give yourself a chance to reposition. Mobs do heal rapidly while under its effects, but if you’re in a bind then it’s better to take on a mob under your own circumstances than to deal with one beating you in the face.

    • Thanks for the Mage advice, I really need it. I tend to forget about Polymorph. I don’t know what level I was when I finally remembered to use it.

      And I’ll try opening with Fireball instead of Frostbolt and see if that might help her out a bit!

    • Fireball also has a greater range so I see the point. I’ll pass this valuable advice on to someone small and gnomey I know.

    • That info was really helpful Psynister, and I am now finding my new, first ever mage (non-ironman) much easier. So thanks a bunch 🙂

      It’s amazing how easy it is to find help on rotations and stuff at level cap, but just how little there is for the low level/new players taking on a new class for the first time.

  4. Am so glad you’re having fun. My advice is don’t worry about how many times you die – the goal is to get to 85! If I worried about dying I would have given this game up long ago :D.

    I seem to have huge problems playing ranged classes (except hunter), and I find Mage very difficult. It’s ok if I can keep em at a distance, but if they close on me I’m in big trouble. My mage in Paranoid (Arnee) is level 15 and has already died 22 times – and I am leveling him normally – lol. There – I hope that makes you feel better 😀

    You are doing great!

    • Thanks Döra!

      For me Hunters and Warlocks are fine. And what’s strange to me is the Warlock runs around kiting and never seems to run into strange mobs and get adds like the Mage does.

      Maybe I should pay more attention, it could be that the Warlock does get adds but since it’s no problem I don’t pay notice.

      Yep, Ironmary is going to have to just suck it up and ignore the death totals. If she starts complaining again I’ll have to tell her about Döra’s journey!

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