The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 30

Ironsally my Warlock entrant in the The WoW Ironman Challenge has reached level 30. No problems, no worries so far. They’ve had some really close calls when they got jumped by three trolls, um, well, what happened was a fear gone wrong, my bad. Ironmary my original Mage entrant is sitting in Tarren Mill at level 27 refusing to come out. I don’t know what she’s doing, contemplating the meaning of life? If you try to talk to her she just mumbles something that sounds like, “Oh, the horror, the horror, nooooo …”. Personally I think she’s sitting there faking, racking up rested bonus but we’ll see if she ever comes out of it.

Ironsally’s problems have been wardrobe related. With all the gray and white drops she’s had, not one single pair of shoulders have dropped for her. To celebrate level 30 she went into the big city and found Interlaced Cowl on the AH. They wanted 16 Gold!! Did they seriously think someone would pay that! What, well, yes I did pay that but still. But really, isn’t it lovely and warlockish. This morning I did a quick check of the AH and finally got a pair of shoulders for a reasonable 63 silver so now Ironsally has her wardrobe sorted out.

Ironsally is still in Northern Stranglethorn and still has quests left. I want to move on but common sense tells me to complete the green quests while you have them and don’t be an over-confident Warlock. One thing that has started to bother her a little, besides having to vendor blue quest rewards,  is that pulsing talent button on the bottom of the screen. I’m thinking of putting a sticky note over it. Anybody else hear it?

“Click me, I have many wonders to behold inside.”

“Felguard, I have a Felguard in here.”

“Conflagrate, dots, more dots, I have it all, you know you want it!”

Okay, maybe I do know why Ironmary is sitting in Tarren Mill mumbling. She’s trying to resist the voice of talents, muhahaha.

Update: I’m excited! We have another challenger! IMRAITH!’s Sallyogreydy is in the running with a Priest!

9 Responses to “The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 30”

  1. I believe I may have paid a similar price for my priest’s greys, though I do hate to admit it.

    And I think the sticky covering the talent button is just an excellent idea! Very similar to the piece of colored tape I have covering that annoying red light on my car’s dashboard!

    • Lol! I too have an annoying red light on my car’s dash. My husband recently inquired if it would still be there when I sold my car.

      I’m guessing the cowl was expensive because it goes well with some other pieces like the Robe of Doan but I had to have it!

  2. Wow – huge congrats! I am amazed at how well you are doing, and such a difference between Ironsally and Ironmary. I’m finding it really interesting how you have found such a difference in these two classes. I am loving these updates – I can really tell that you are thoroughly enjoying yourself, as it comes through in your writing. Long may it continue! 😀

    • Thank you Döra! I feel kind of bad that as soon as the going got tough with Ironmary I immediately moved to a Warlock but I did this to have fun and so far Ironsally has been a lot of fun.

      I was afraid that Ironmary might not even have a chance of completing the challenge because of my lack of mageness so at least Ironsally will not be overly challenged by my warlockery!

      • Hehe – Fun is all!

      • I had a huge roadblock last night and Elford was just not cutting it AT ALL with a quest in Redridge. It’s my first real obstacle and I’m concerned he is gonna get harder and harder as we go. I’ll stick with him though, but I understand you went with the warlock instead.

      • I’m sorry to hear Elford had troubles, I know Ironsally died four times on one quest in Redridge. I’m rooting for him!

        And I think Psynister said in a comment that he was doing a Mage. It will be interesting to see how someone that’s skilled at being a Mage finds the leveling.

  3. Congrats! BTW, if you open the talent window and then close it, the icon stops pulsing, even if you didn’t select a thing! Granted, you have to do that every time you get a talent point, but that’s just tapping the N key twice, right? (I found this out in an attempt to get the damn pulsing to stop!)

    I always feel that Ironkerion is lacking behind. T.T Kindly sitting around in Hillsbrad for the next weekend to be played again.

    • Thanks Vry, I’ll have to do that, it will be such a relief to get rid of it!

      I’m kind of fickle, I play whoever I’m into at the moment. My Druid is not opening up the Firelands so that Ironsally can do her Ironman stuff so she’s leveling pretty fast.

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