The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 40

Sheesh, Warlocks, she’s such a showoff. And I don’t think it’s all that nice to be showing off considering Ironmary’s, um, situation, well, we won’t go there. We’ll just leave poor Ironmary alone.

Ironsally hit 40 in Dustwallow Marsh. She chose this rather than helping out in Andorhal because she thinks all those Diseased Black Bears, Carrion Vultures and Devouring Oozes are just icky. When doing the quest Hungry as an Ogre! for Jarl she thought she might have to reconsider basing her choice of zone on ickyness since once again those horrible Murlocs almost did her in by ganging up on her. She barely escaped.

Was she in a hurry to get to level 40 to get her Dreadsteed, nope, she was after her brand new Pitchwood Wand. Playing a regular Warlock I honestly don’t remember ever using my wand. I just carried it around for the stats but never found a need to use it. Boy, is that different with Ironsally.

Mana, playing a regular Warlock has never been much of an issue because of Life Tap but Ironsally is usually in dire straits when she runs out of mana and can’t regain it with Life Tap because she’s usually about tapped out of life at that point from being beaten to death. So now that she has to learn mana conservation a wand is essential. She also learned the hard way that many of her spells aren’t practical. I love casting Rain of Fire just because. Well Ironsally learned that there will be no more raining of fire, she did it once and was out of mana but was saved by her trusty wand.

Two mobs is a non-issue with Ironsally, three is doable, at four I usually run for it. With Ironmary one mob could very likely kill her, more than one impossible for me anyway. It sure makes a difference having a bodyguard!

We are definitely killing them slowly, it seems to take forever for these mobs to go down but down they eventually go. Ironsally doesn’t have the problem with mobs her level like Ironmary did but she does have to be patient while waiting for those little suckers to finally die.

From playing her so far I’m getting the impression she’ll be able to go to level 60 without too much trouble but beyond that it might get a lot harder. When checking Wowhead it looks like my last set of white vendor armor will be at 45 and after that she’ll have to rely on getting gray drops and she sure hasn’t been lucky so far on getting cloth drops, everything seems to be leather.

I’m going to remain optimistic though, maybe she’s saving all her drop luck up for all those higher levels. She’s still a lot of fun but my Druid sure loaths Ironsally who’s keeping her from her Fireland dailies.

6 Responses to “The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 40”

  1. Hehe – you have every right to show off! Really well done! I can tell you must be loving this because you are certainly levelling fast 😀

    Getting really interesting now. Like you – I think all of us will have a very tough job getting past 60 – that’s if we can get there at all.

    But it’s fascinating to see how far you can go. Great read!

  2. One of my few talents in WoW is really fast leveling. I usually run between quests rather than ride and kill everything in my path to speed things up, lol!

    I didn’t think she’d be leveling this fast but I guess this is the new Azeroth. Once she’s into BC and (maybe) Wrath I imagine things will get a whole lot different!

  3. Well done!

    Such a great challenge, I love following your progress.

    • Thanks Sol!

      I didn’t realize how fun not worrying about anything would be. No professions except first aid to worry about.

      No worries about reputation or gear, not worrying about completing a zone.

      Worrying will start soon though, where are my gray cloth drops!

  4. Holy…
    You are racing!
    I’m lvl 30 and struggling, quests are green, mobs are the lowest level of green, soon grey.
    I’m seeing Ironsally being the frontier of the challenge, leading the way for all os us scrubs 😀

    • I’m pretty sure if Summon Water Elemental for Mage was trainable and you could use it we’d be doing the same. All the difference in having the Voidwalker compared to no pet with the Mage.

      Without the Voidwalker Ironsally would be toast!

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