Through Your Interface — Best Screen Shot of the Year

You can sure tell it’s Tuesday. I was whiling away the time putting creepy doll faces in my header. I can’t tell if I like that creepy doll starring at me but I’ll let her stay a while and see. So I decided to do something more productive. Something I’ve been agonizing over for way too long.

SuperCat! Not only can Druids shift into flight form, kitty form, travel form, scary walrussy thing form, bear form, they don’t even need to, SuperCat can fly. I should have tried this in scary walrus form, now that would have been a true best screen shot ever!

I was stumped by Day Seven of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge, your best screen shot of the Year. After reading what Saz said about her difficulty in choosing one I decided to suck it up and be decisive, make a decision good or bad.

So I give you SuperCat, not a great screen shot but one that makes me smile every time I see it. This started happening on and off right after patch 4.2. I kind of wish it would be permanent, I enjoy taking my kitty on a swim though the air!

4 Responses to “Through Your Interface — Best Screen Shot of the Year”

  1. Lol! I love the airborne kitty, it’s a great shot.

  2. Fantastic shot 😀

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